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  • sunday riley good genes glycolic acid treatment

    The Complete Guide To Glycolic Acid

    Are you still exfoliating with scrubs? It’s time to switch things up and give glycolic acid a try. I know, I know, scrubs can be addictive. But so can glycolic. I’ve never met anyone who made the switch and went back to scrubs. Glycolic acid is an exfoliant on steroids. It gets rid of dead […]


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    The Complete Guide To Vitamin C Serums

    Today, I’m very excited to bring you this guest post by the lovely Livia of Oily Skin Blog. She explains why we should use a Vitamin C serum and shares her favourite picks: Discovered over 70 years ago, vitamin C has been used in the skincare industry to manufacture anything from cleansers, lotions, toners to […]


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    How To Choose The Right Serum For Your Age

    For years, I ignored serums. I had no idea what they were, what they were supposed to do and what the point in buying one was. But, one day, curiosity got the better of me. I tried one and… have never looked back. These days, a serum is an essential step in my skincare routine, […]


  • vampire facelift guide

    Vampire Facelift: Does It Work?

    The sight of blood makes me queasy. Once, when I was about 12, it also made me faint. I like to think that now that I’m all grown-up, I’m stronger and less impressionable, but the truth is that I’ll always be a wimp who recoils at the sight of blood. Even fake blood! I have […]