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    Are At-Home Microdermabrasion Gadgets Worth It?

    Whenever I get a new toy, be it a new smartphone or a board table, the first thing I do is read the manual. I don’t want to blow up anything by pressing the wrong button, you know? My sister’s the opposite. She throws the manual away and starts playing with her new toy straight […]


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    Which Strength Of Retinol Do You Really Need?

    I can’t imagine I will ever run a marathon (heck, just the thought is enough to give me nightmares), but if I did, I’d start small. Like, really small. I’d go for ever longer walks for a month before I even attempted a little run. And then, I’d increase the miles slowly, one by one. […]


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    The Problem With Cosmeceuticals (And Why I Use Them Anyway)

    After raving about cosmeceuticals a few days ago, I thought I should probably get into more detail about what the heck they are. Because cosmeceuticals are freaking awesome. But they’re also freaking dangerous. This is the most powerful stuff you can buy without a prescription. Don’t say I haven’t warned you. What Are Cosmeceuticals? The […]


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    Fave Five: The Best Estee Lauder Skincare Products

    What are the best Estee Lauder skincare products? I use steer clear from high-end skincare. Lancome, Chanel, & co excel at creating amazing makeup products, but their skincare offerings leave a lot to be desired. They charge you premium prices for the most basic formulas. You’re lucky if you can find one lonely antioxidant in […]