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    Peptides In Skincare: Do They Really Work?

    Peptides are the anomaly in the skincare matrix. They shouldn’t work. Yet, it seems they do. But how? Why? How well? So many questions. So few answers. Until you get to the bottom of it, should you really invest a small fortune in a peptide serum? Mmm…. What Are Peptides? Peptides are made up of amino […]


  • jasmina vico

    The Jasmina Effect

    “You’ve not been sleeping well lately, have you?”. That’s how Jasmina Vico, aesthetic skin therapist at Hari’s Salon in Brompton Road, greeted me as I entered her studio. I stopped in my tracks. “How does she know my insomnia’s back?,” I thought, “No one else has noticed (brightening serums and concealers do wonders at hiding my […]


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    The Best Skincare Regimen To Remove Sun Spots

    “Come out and play under my warm rays,” the sun invites you. It’s a promise full of light, warmth and carefree fun. How can you resist? What that sneaky sun never tells you is the price you have to pay for it: premature wrinkles and sun spots. They appear one day completely out of the blue. […]


  • Skinceuticals CE Ferulic VS Phloretin CF: Which One Is Better?

    Which Skinceuticals vitamin C serum is better: CE Ferulic or Phloretin CF? Cos if you’re gonna spend a small fortune on a serum, you might as well get the best one right? 😉 Good news: they’re both good. It doesn’t matter which one you pick, you can’t go wrong. But I do have a fave. One […]