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  • the best antiaging routine for dry and aging skin

    Does Dry Skin Cause Wrinkles?

    If you have dry skin, you get deeper wrinkles than your oily-skinned pals. That’s a fact. But is it dry skin that causes wrinkles? Does the fact you’re born with it or have developed it at some point cursed you to age before your time? Not really. Here’s why: Why Dry Skin Does NOT Cause […]


  • why retinol in a jar is a bad idea

    Why You Shouldn’t Buy Retinol Products Packaged In Jars

    I don’t get it. Would you buy a delicate designer dress that’s “dry clean” only and throw it in the washing machine? Of course not. You know that’s like throwing $1000 down the toilet. *shudders* Yet that’s exactly what you’re doing when you’re buying a retinol cream packaged in a jar. Here’s why: What Is […]


  • acid mantle

    Do Facial Exercises Work?

    I remember first reading about facial exercise in a teen magazine. I must have been 16 or something. The article mentioned that these exercises helped maintain facial muscle tone and so, I dutifully sat in front of the mirror and started playing with my face. I felt so silly! But, I was more than willing to […]


  • epionce renewal facial lotion review

    Quercetin in Skincare Products: How Effective Is It?

    Every skincare brand has its antioxidant darling. Caudalie has resveratrol (from grapes). Nivea has co-enzyme Q10. Korres has quercetin. Literally no one had heard of quercetin before Korres proudly showed off its name on all its skincare products. Now, it’s on everyone’s lips. Rumour has it, it can reduce wrinkles and make your skin firmer […]


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    Do Oxygen Facials Work?

    Have you heard? Rumour has it oxygen facials are the secret behind Madonna’s youthful complexion. According to celebrity makeup artist Gina Brooke, “Madonna indulges in this lavish beauty treatment before every concert, and is often seen carrying around her own oxygen facial device.”  Should you do the same? Here’s everything you need to know about oxygen […]