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    My Skincare Routine (Updated)

    I’m probably the only beauty blogger in the entire blogosphere who has never written a post about her skincare routine. There are two reasons for that: 1. I Don’t Have A Steady Routine As a beauty blogger and skin coach, I get to try lots of new skincare products all the time (who am I […]


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    Steam Facials: Do They Help Or Harm Skin?

    Have you ever steamed your face? Come on now, I now you did. We all did. Like most of you, I first heard about steam facials from a magazine (it was in the pre-internet days – do you still remember those?). The article said that steam was this awesome thing that opened up the pores, […]


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    When Should You Start Using Anti-Aging Products?

    You never think you need something unless it’s too late. Case in point: my crow’s feet. I didn’t think I needed to invest in any fancy anti-aging product until I saw those first fine lines creeping up around my eyes in my mid ’20s. I swear they came totally out of nowhere. I wouldn’t say […]


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    What’s The Best Type Of Mask For Your Skin Type?

    It all started with sheet masks. Once revealed to be the secret behind the flawless Korean complexion, the popularity of these unassuming little sheets went through the roof. Now, they’re leading the way for a new generation of masks that hydrates skin while you sleep and turn your face into a foaming cloud to absorb […]