• how antioxidants fight pollution

    How Pollution Damages Skin (And 2 Ways To Fight It)

    All my life, I couldn’t wait to escape from Senigallia. It’s a charming small town. The kind of place where you spend all your summers on its velvety beach and the rest of the year hanging out in one of the few pubs on its outskirts, gossiping about your friends and colleagues. There’s nothing else […]


  • perioral dermatitis treatment

    Your Acne May Actually Be Perioral Dermatitis

    One morning you wake up to clusters of tiny red bumps around your mouth and nose and think oh, it must be a new product breaking you out or maybe it’s because you’ve been slacking on your tretinoin at night. So, naturally, you treat it like you would any other breakout and think it will […]


  • dry winter skin

    7 Winter Beauty Problems, Solved!

    Winter is coming. It’ll bring Christmas, hot chocolate, and… That’s pretty much all I like about winter. What I don’t like? The freezing cold temperatures and unrelenting chilly winds that cause havoc on my skin and hair. Gone is the soft, glowy, flawless skin I enjoyed all summer long. In winter, when I look in […]


  • skincare mistakes that give you hyperpigmentation

    5 Reasons Why Your Skincare Routine Isn’t Working

    I thought I had finally done it. After years of trials, errors, and experiments gone wrong, I had finally come up with a skincare routine my skin loved. It made it so soft, flawless, and glowy! But… something’s changed. Lately, my dry patches have become flaky. And my skin is more sensitive. When I apply […]


  • skin pH

    What Does pH-Balanced Means?

    Ever wondered what pH-balanced means? Every serum and moisturiser proudly boasts about its pH these days. Is it just another marketing ploy or does your skin’s pH really matter? A bit of both. Here’s everything you need to know about skin’s pH and which skincare products should (and should NOT) be pH-balanced. What Is pH? […]


  • pillow prevent wrinkles

    Can A Pillow Prevent Wrinkles?

    I’m such a baby when I sleep. Every night, I curl in a fetal position, knees gently pulled up towards my chest. It’s so warm and cozy. But, it also means those pesky wrinkles are gonna get me sooner rather than later. It doesn’t matter how soft your pillow is, it puts pressure on your […]