• the best antiaging routine for dry and aging skin

    The Best Skincare Routine For Dry And Aging Skin

    How the heck do you deal with wrinkles when your skin’s as dry as the Sahara?! Dry skin is delicate. Its protective barrier is broken all over the place. You need to build it back and treat your skin with kid’s gloves while it heals. Wrinkles are stubborn. You need to kick them in the […]


  • dehydrated skin

    Dehydrated Skin: How To Fix It And Get Your Glow Back

    Is your skin dry and oily at the same time? Or maybe it has lost all its glow – and those fine lines have become oh so noticeable all of a sudden? You may have dehydrated skin. It’s a common condition that most of us will get at some point – especially when we go […]


  • treat acne scars

    Differin: Is It The Best Treatment For Acne (& Wrinkles)?

    Since Differin was demoted from prescription to OTC in the US last year, a lot of you have been asking me if it’s worth a try. Short answer: yes for acne. No for wrinkles. Long answer: read on… What Is Differin? Differin is the brand name. The active ingredient is adapalene, a new form of […]


  • Meditate Your Way To Clear, Glowy Skin

    Ever wondered why pimples ALWAYS pop up before a special date or a work interview? Or why your acne won’t clear up no matter what you throw at it? Or your skin has gotten all dry and flaky while you were working nights and day to meet that work deadline even though you moisturised religiously? […]