• sunburn

    How To Treat A Sunburn

    How do you treat a sunburn fast? The best thing would be not to get one at all, but that doesn’t always work out. I learned the lesson the hard way… “Gio, stay in the shade. And don’t take off your hat again!,” my mum said, as she put the damn thing on my head […]


  • cyberderm-sun-whip-sunscreens

    Are You Applying Sunscreen The Right Way?

    I know you’re applying sunscreen every day. But are you applying it the right way? Sunscreen ain’t like the other skincare products. Mess it up and it won’t work. So how do you NOT mess it up? Here are all your questions about sunscreen application answered: 1. How Much Sunscreen Should You Apply? 2 mg […]


  • cerave hydrating cleanser

    Are You Removing Sunscreen The Right Way?

    Do you really need a special cleanser to remove sunscreen? Rumour has it that only oil-based cleansers can melt those stubborn UV filters away. Does that mean you have layers of sunscreen still clogging your pores?! Do You Need An Oil-Based Cleanser To Remove Sunscreen? Good news: you don’t need an oil-based cleanser to remove […]


  • how to choose the right spf number for you

    Take A Number: How To Choose The Right SPF For You

    “30 or 50? 15 is definitely too low but where’s the catch if I go too high?” I’m talking about SPF numbers. How the heck do you choose the one that’s right for you? Like, can you get away with a lower SPF if you don’t go to the beach or is it better to […]