• base tan myth debunked 02

    The Myth Of The Base Tan, Debunked!

    Should you get a base tan before you head off to your beach holiday? Rumour has it that a base tan can prevent sunburns. Plus, you’ll arrive at the beach looking like a bronzed goddess already. What could go wrong? EVERYTHING. The base tan myth is just a myth. Far from protecting you from sunburns, […]

  • how to soothe an itchy sunburn

    Why Sunburns Itch (And How To Soothe Them)

    The worst thing about sunburns? The itch. Like, it’s non-stop. You just want to scratch the whole damn thing off, but that just makes things worse. *sighs* What’s a girl to do? Why Do Surnburns Itch? An itch is a sensation that arises from an irritation. It’s your skin’s way of letting you know that […]

  • does dark skin need sunscreen

    Do Black People Need To Wear Sunscreen?

    “I don’t need sunscreen. My black skin has an inbuilt SPF.” Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you need sunscreen just like everyone else. Black skin may tolerate UV rays better, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to its damage. Here’s what I mean: Does Black Skin Need Sunscreen? YES! It’s true […]

  • melanoma myths

    4 Melanoma Myths Debunked!

    Did you know that melanoma kills 1 American every hour? That’s about 9,000 deaths in a year! The worst part? Melanoma is making more victims than ever. In the past 30 years, the number of melanoma cases kept rising up. Young women have it worst. Maybe it’s because we like to tan, but we’re melanoma’s […]

  • what pa on sunscreen means

    What Does PA On Sunscreen Labels Stand For?

    If SPF is all about how much sun protection a sunscreen gives you, what does PA+ stands for? I mean, there must be a reason why this acronym has been popping up on so many sunscreen bottles lately… What is your sunscreen trying to tell you? Let’s solve the mystery: What’s The Difference Between SPF […]

  • sunscreen when driving

    Should You Wear Sunscreen While Driving?

    Do you wear sunscreen while driving? In case you’re thinking: “Come on, Gio, I don’t need sunscreen while driving. The windshields are enough to protect me” or “But I’m only driving a short distance – like, 10 minutes tops. Why would I put on sunscreen for that?” Think again. Driving without sunscreen – for 10 […]