• piz buin 1 day long sunscreen and after sun lotion

    Sunscreen Lingo: How To Decipher Sunscreen Labels

    Can you decipher sunscreen labels? I mean, what does “broad-spectrum” really mean? Does your sunscreen need to be water-resistant, too? And why the heck are there stars on the bottle? The law states brands need to give you all the info to help you make an informed choice (and I’m totally on board with that). […]

  • wear sunscreen mirrors

    Should You Wear Sunscreen In Front Of Mirrors?

    Remember when we talked about wearing sunscreen indoors? UVA rays easily get through glass, so if you’re driving or just spending a lot of time near big windows (damn those modern offices!), you’re not safe from UV harm – unless you put that sunscreen on. But what about mirrors? Let’s say your house or office […]

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    Should You Wear Sunscreen In Front Of Your Computer?

    Is Instagram making you age faster? Hands up if you’re always checking your feed to see what your friends are up to. Plus, all the hours you spend working on your PC. Netflix binges on your iPad. That hour of Kindle reading before sleep. It feels like you’re spending half your day in front of […]

  • baby sunscreen safe

    Can You Apply Sunscreen On A Baby?

    I know you’re putting on sunscreen every morning, RIGHT? But do you use it on your baby too? Sure, you could argue that 6 months is way too young to start worrying about wrinkles – and you’re totally right. When you have a baby, that’s the least of your concerns. But forget about wrinkles for […]

  • five tanning beds myths

    5 Tanning Bed Myths Debunked!

    “Gio, why don’t you get a tan? You are SO pale.” If I had a penny for every time someone told me this, I’d be a millionaire. I grew up in sunny Italy, where every summer people rush to the beach to get their tan on… and every winter they resort to tanning beds to […]