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    7 Ways To Protect Skin From The Sun

    Hands up if you enjoy spending time outside. Playing in the park with your kids. Barbecuing in the garden with your friends. Swimming in the ocean. Ah, summer is so much fun! I, for one, am determined to make the most of this beautiful summer weather without ruining my skin. The sun ain’t as friendly […]

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    Chemical-Free Sunscreens: What Are They And How Do They Work?

    I’ll tell you a secret: Chemical-free sunscreens don’t exist! WTH? Here’s the deal: everything is made of chemicals. Water? A chemical (H20). Olive oil? Made of chemicals. Your body? Hey, you’re made of chemicals, too! Truth bomb: if it’s made of matter, it’s a chemical. If chemical-free sunscreens existed, you’d get a big, fat bottle […]

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    Do You Need Sunscreen At Night?

    I thought I was obsessed about sun protection. Until I heard there are people who use sunscreen at night. WTH? It’s called SUNscreen for a reason. It protects you from the sun. Why put it on when the star has left the building? Computers. And the moon. At least, those are the reasons moonscreeners give […]

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    What’s The Difference Between UVA And UVB Rays?

    Can you believe that for decades sunscreen protected you only from UVB rays? No one gave a crap about UVA rays. They don’t cause sunburns, so you can’t see the damage they do as quickly. *sighs* But don’t think for a moment that makes them less dangerous. Turns out, UVA rays are worse than UVB […]

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    What Can I Do If I’m Allergic To Sunscreen?

    Did you know you can be allergic to sunscreen? I’m not talking about hating a greasy texture or a white cast. These are nuisances, but they don’t ruin your skin. I’m talking about an itchy, red rash that stings. And swells. What’s going on? Some of the UV filters that protect you from the harmful […]

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    Can You Mix Sunscreen With Moisturizer?

    Can you mix sunscreen with moisturizer? I did it all the time when I was younger. I thought I was so clever, too. Most sunscreens back then were so thick, they’d turn my face into a greasy, shiny pan… or Caspar The Ghost. You’d think someone as pale as me wouldn’t even notice the white […]