• mineral sunscreen myths

    5 Mineral Sunscreen Myths You Need To Stop Believing Right Now

    What if I told you that everything you know about mineral sunscreen is a lie? They create a shield on the skin that reflects UV rays away? Lie. You don’t have to reapply them? Lie You can get away with using less? Lie. I’ll let that sink in for a minute… I know, I’ve just […]

  • sunscreen drops

    Do Sunscreen Drops Provide Adequate Sun Protection?

    Can we talk about sunscreen drops? I totally get why women are falling for them. Sunscreen is a must. It’s also a HUGE pain. It’s thick. It’s greasy. It’s making you breakout. And giving you a rash. And why do you look like Caspar The Ghost, all of a sudden? Ugh. Why can’t you get […]

  • why you need to apply sunscreen 20 minutes before sun exposure

    Do You Really Need To Apply Sunscreen 20 Minutes Before Sun Exposure?

    Have you ever wondered why you’re always told to apply sunscreen 15/20 minutes BEFORE sun exposure? If you’re anything like me, you’ve often put it on 5 minutes before leaving the house. Aham… What can I say? Girl’s busy… But does it matter – as long as you put it on in the first place, […]

  • where to store sunscreen

    The Sunscreen Mistake You’re Probably Making

    I used to be so reckless with sunscreen. Before my mid 20s, I only used it at the beach (read: never. Going to the beach is my idea of hell – I know, weirdo). The few times I was dragged there, I would begrudgingly put sunscreen on, and then leave the bottle lying wherever. In […]