do you need sunscreen at night?

I thought I was obsessed about sun protection. Until I heard there are people who use sunscreen at night.


It’s called SUNscreen for a reason. It protects you from the sun. Why put it on when the star has left the building?

Computers. And the moon. At least, those are the reasons moonscreeners give for their weird behaviour. Do they have a point?

Let’s see what the science says:

Do You Need Sunscreen At Night To Protect Your Skin Again Screen Light?

Did you know that computer screens, televisions and lighting can emit some UV rays?

(Seriously, there is no escaping those pesky UV rays, is there?)

But, their radiation is NOTHING compared to the sun’s radiation. Like, it’s so minimal, it doesn’t really cause any problems.

To put things into perspective, the visible light emitted from an iMac is 100 less damaging than the radiation from the midday sun (when its rays are the strongest). A 4 inch smartphone is 2000 less damaging!

I get wanting to keep your skin safe from ultraviolet radiation, but this is bordering on paranoid, imo.

If you’re really worried, turn the lights off or don’t spend too much time in front of your computer. You should turn it off at least two hours before going to bed anyway (don’t complain you can’t get any sleep if you stay up late checking out Facebook).

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Is Wearing Sunscreen At Night Bad For Skin?

You don’t need to wear sunscreen at night. But, let’s say you’re the paranoid type who feels like doing it anyway. Is it gonna harm your skin?

Some experts think that wearing sunscreen at night is a recipe for pimples. They say sunscreen clogs your pores, so you have to take it off before going to sleep.

There’s some truth in that. If you let your sunscreen accumulate too much, yes, it will clog your pores. But if you remove it at the end of the night and then put on a new coat, you’re safe.

Unless, you have breakout prone skin and use a sunscreen with comedogenic ingredients. Wear it night or day, those pimples are gonna get you anyway.

There’s a more serious reason why you should’t wear your sunscreen at night. Your wallet.

Sunscreen is expensive. Piling it on when you don’t need it is a waste. You’re throwing money down the drain.

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The Bottom Line

Save your sunscreen (and your money) for they day. You don’t need it at night.

Do you wear sunscreen at night? Share your experience in the comments below.