• teenager acne

    Teenager Acne: Why It Happens And How To Treat It

    Teen acne is a normal part of puberty. Like getting hairs in places you didn’t even know you had and making a fool of yourself in front of your crush. Fun times. But it feels like the last drop. On top of everything you’re dealing with right now, your skin looks like a mess. Your […]


  • peter thomas roth retinol infusion pm night serum 01

    3 Science-Backed Ways To Reduce Large Pores (That Really Work)

    How the heck do you reduce large pores?! You’ve splashed your face with cold water to tighten them, used pores strips that promised to eradicate them, and exfoliated the heck out of your skin to make them smaller… but nothing is working. It’s like they have a life of their own. No matter what you […]


  • sanoflore nuit and elixir de reines

    How Long Does It Take Skincare Products To Work?

    How long does it take skincare products to work?! Like, it’s been a week and my fine lines are still there. Did I fall for another antiaging serum that doesn’t work or should I stick it out and give it more time? It’a s hard choice. You don’t want to be too impatient and throw […]


  • puffy eyes causes

    What Causes Puffy Eyes (And How To Treat Them)?

    Do you wake up with puffy eyes, too? Every time I look in the mirror in the morning, there they are, staring back at me. Why the heck is this happening?! It’s like a curse, I tell you. One I’m determined to break. Are you with me? Great. Let’s start by finding what causes puffy […]


  • can skincare products penetrate skin

    Does Your Skin Really Absorb 60% Of What You Put On It?

    Let’s cut to the chase: the “60% of skincare products absorb into your bloodstream” is bullshit. I don’t care if you’ve heard it from your BFF, read about it in Allure, or come across it on some natural brand’s website – or all of these places. I don’t care how many people tell you that […]