skincare benefits of olive oil

Disclaimer: I’m Italian = biased.

I was raised on olive oil. In Italy, it’s the only oil you use for cooking. You drizzle it on everything. Salads, bruschetta, pizza…

Don’t even get me started on people who use canola oil or vegetable oil. Like, no. Please, get yourself a bottle of olive oil. It’ll change your life.

Plus, it does double duty, too. If you run out of conditioner, makeup remover or moisturizer, olive oil will do the trick.

Here’s what makes olive oil one of the best oils for all your skincare needs:

What The Heck Is Olive Oil?

Olive oil is derived from pressed olives. The greenish yellow liquid is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and oleic acid, all goodies your skin loves (more on them later).

But, not all olive oil is created equal. Most olive oil out there is crap. Olive oil is often contaminated with cheaper refined olive oil, which ruins the fun for everyone. Poor olive oil doesn’t do much good to your skin. It may irritate it, too.

You want the real deal. That’s extra virgin olive oil. Yes, it’s more expensive, but it’s worth it. EVOO comes from the first pressing of the olives and has NO refined oil. This one is full of goodies and unlikely to irritate your skin.

Here’s what EVOO does for your skin:

1. Olive Oil Is An Excellent Moisturizer

Olive Oil is loaded with fatty acids like oleic, palmitic, and linoleic acids. Fatty acids are super moisturizing. They make even the driest of skin soft and smooth again.

You can use EVOO on its own or mix a few drops with your fave eye cream for an extra moisturizing boost. The only problem? EVOO is on the thicker side, so it doesn’t feel too good when you slather it all over your skin. It takes a while to sink in, too.

You’re better off adding a few drops in your fave moisturizer or buying a ready-made cream with olive oil.

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2. Olive Oil Helps Fight Premature Aging

You know what else olive oil is loaded with? Antioxidants. Just to name a few:

Basically, it’s a wrinkle-buster. With all these antioxidants, your skin will stay younger for longer.

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3. Olive Oil Makes A Great Makeup Remover

Olive oil is one of my fave makeup removers. It works according to the likes attracts like principle. The oil acts like a magnet, attracting the oils in your makeup and sunscreen and then rinsing them away.

Plus, after its done its cleansing job, it stays around to moisturize your skin. That makes it one of my fave oils for the OCM (oil cleansing method).

P.S. If you use the good kind (EVOO), you shouldn’t experience breakouts.

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4. UVB Boosts Your Sun Protection

One more thing. Olive oil protects skin from UVB damage.

Mind you, it’s NOT an alternative to sunscreen. It can protect you from some UVB rays but most of them will still get through.

A moisturizer with olive oil can give your sunscreen that extra boost. But don’t just slather olive oil all over and then spend hours in the sun. That’ll turn you into a fried lobster.

Does Olive Oil Has Any Side Effects?

If you have super sensitive skin, olive oil can cause contact dermatitis and irritation.

For everyone else, olive oil is harmless.

What Are The Best Skincare Products With Olive Oil?

I recommend Olivella. They didn’t pay me to write this post (but I am making a small commission – we’re literally talking cents here – if you buy from the links below).

I’m giving Olivella the exclusive on olive oil because the kind of olive oil you use matters. It’s very difficult to track down what kind of olive oil a skincare company uses. Olivella uses 100% EVOO from Italy. That’s why we get along so well.

Here’s what to get:

  • Olivella Virgin Olive Oil Body Cream ($12.00): Available at Walmart.
  • Olivella Virgi Olive Oil Hand Cream ($14.22): Available at Walmart.
  • Olivella Moisturizer Cream ($16.39): Available at Walmart.

The Bottom Line

Olive oil is awesome. Cook with it. Drizzle it on cold dishes. Slather it all over your skin. It’ll keep you younger for longer.

How do you use olive oil in your skincare routine? Share your tricks in the comments below.