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  • Would You Pay $180 For A Bird Poop Facial?

    Would you be willing to pay $180 to have bird poop slathered all over your face? You’re all rolling your eyes and shaking your heads in disgust now, aren’t you? “Eww! No, of course not, Gio,” I hear you claim, outraged. “Who the hell would want THAT?!” I hear ya. I wouldn’t either. But what […]


  • How To Care For Your Skin In Your 30s

    I swear, when I hit the big 3-0, my skin turned on me. All my life, I just had to worry about the odd pimple here and there. Annoying, sure – but not a big deal. Then, I turn 30 and everything goes south. Fine lines and crow’s feet pop up out of nowhere. The […]


  • syn-ake peptide snake venom

    Does Snake Venom Smooth Out Wrinkles?

    “How did you get the inspiration for Syn-ake, your new revolutionary anti-aging ingredient?,” the hopeful young reporter asked the Pentapharm representative. “We at Pentapharm have always been fascinated with snakes. We are the largest snake breeders and keepers in the world. “Their transfixing gaze, their slithering crawling… they’re so powerful. But snakes can also be […]


  • emma hardie lift & sculpt firming neck treatment 01

    How To Take Care Of Your Neck (So It Won’t Betray Your Real Age)

    I will never forget the first time I went to Paris. The beautiful architecture, the mouth-watering pastries, the romantic walks along the Seine at night… As I was strolling through its many streets and boulevards, I couldn’t help but notice that every Parisian woman I saw wore a scarf. Back then, I thought it was […]