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  • skincare routine for acne and aging skin

    The Best Skincare Routine For Aging AND Acne-Prone Skin

    Who said that acne is only for teenagers? Sometimes, it sneaks up on you as soon as you hit menopause. Other times, it’s more impatient and gets you in your 30s. Like you hadn’t enough on your plate already. Wrinkles, anyone?… How the heck do you deal with both at the same time? If you […]


  • 4 Anti-Aging Ingredients That Don’t Work

    I still remember the day I saw my first crow’s feet. I was in my bathroom, washing my face as usual. I glanced nonchalantly at the mirror and froze. What the heck were those fine lines around my eyes?! Surely, they couldn’t have been wrinkles? I was still in my late 20s, way too early […]


  • vitamin c peel review

    I Got A Vitamin C Peel. This Is What Happened

    I didn’t remember it burning that much. She had warned me this would happen. But, I didn’t believe her. I had had vitamin C peels before. They didn’t sting this much. Heck, they had never stung before. At all. My skin is super resilient, I proudly told her before this hell began. This time was […]