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Ever wondered what’s the secret ingredient in Korean skincare?

Sure, we know the Koreans are obsessed with hydration. It’s the foundation of good skin, no doubt about that.

They also like to experiment with weird ingredients (snail slime, anyone?) and come up with all kind of gimmicks that put a new twist on an old staple (remember solid stick cleansers?).

But those are mostly for show. The real antiaging superstar lurking in Korean skincare products is ginseng, a medicinal root they’ve used for centuries to cure any kind of ailments.

Now, it’s made its way onto your face as well. And I’m so here for it. Here’s why:

What Is Ginseng?

Did you know there are more than 20 plants in the ginseng family? When you talk about ginseng, you could refer to any of them. In skincare, we’re usually talking about P. Ginseng.

Ginseng is one of the most popular ingredients in Chinese and Korean medicine to regulate blood pressure and increase metabolism.

It’s the Koreans that popularised its use in skincare, too. Cos if it’s good for your health, why not see if it does something for your skin, too?

P.S. You’ll find it on ingredient labels as Panax Ginseng Root Extract.

Ginseng Skin Benefits: How Does It Help Skin?

Ginseng is loaded with goodies. Its nutrients include antioxidants saponins, vitamins B1, B2, B12, soothing pantothenic acid and even minerals. Thanks them, this powerful antioxidant has plenty of benefits for your skin:

Fun fact: red ginseng has stronger anti-wrinkle and whitening properties when fermented. It’s also less irritating, too. If you can find a product with fermented red ginseng, grab it.

This time, it’s not just Korean hype. Ginseng can really do wonders for your skin. Science backs it all up.

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Dos Ginseng Has Any Side Effects?

Nope. Ginseng is safe for everyone, including sensitive skin. Unless you’re allergic to it, of course.

What Are The Best Ginseng Skincare Products?

NOTE: Western brands have started to use ginseng, too. But in smaller amounts than the Koreans. Remember: the higher the concentration, the better.

The Bottom Line

Ginseng is an anti-aging superstar that helps you fight wrinkles, boost collagen, brighten the complexion, and soothe irritations. No wonder it’s so popular in Korean skincare!

What’s your take on ginseng in skincare? Share your thoughts in the comments below.