• does castor oil thicken hair

    Can Castor Oil Really Thicken Hair?

    I love me some castor oil. I mix a few drops with olive oil to make a sleek makeup remover. Takes everything off quickly and leaves my skin super smooth. Sometimes, I use the mixture on my hair, too. It makes it silky soft and super shiny. Lately, I’ve heard rumours it can thicken hair, […]

  • eyeseryl skincare benefits

    Can Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 (Eyeseryl) Really Reduce Puffy Eyes?

    Can you believe you still have to put cucumbers onto your eyes to make your puffiness disappear? It’s 2014. Surely we should have a more advanced treatment by now? I mean, what the heck have cosmetic scientists been doing all this time? Well, there’s something. A peptide called acetyl tetrapeptide-5. Nickname: Eyeseryl. It’s the latest […]

  • evening primrose oil in skincare

    Evening Primrose Oil: Does It Help Skin?

    Using evening primrose oil to ease your PMS? Don’t bother. Science says it doesn’t work. Bummer, I know. But this oil is far from useless. It does wonders for your skin. Listen up (or read on… whatever…): What Is Evening Primrose Oil? Evening primrose (or oenothera biennia, to use its full scientific name) is a beautiful […]

  • hydroquinone vs kojic acid for skin-lightening

    Should You Use Hydroquinone Or Kojic Acid?

    Want to fade dark spots? You’ve heard that hydroquinone is the gold standard… and the devil. Isn’t there something less irritating? Kojic Acid may be it. But… wouldn’t that work more slowly? There’s always a trade off. That’s why you need to get clear on what’s most important to you and which skin-lightener can give […]

  • Does Vitamin E Heal Scars?

    I’ll tell you a secret. Vitamin E has many superpowers. It hydrates your skin, fights offs wrinkles, and even boosts sun protection. But healing scars? Contrary to legend, that’s something it CAN’T do. Here’s why: Why You Shouldn’t Use Vitamin E On Scars I know, I know, everyone is telling you that Vitamin E is […]

  • aloe vera

    9 Ingredients To Soothe Irritated And Sensitive Skin

    Is your skin all angry at you right now? Maybe you used a skincare product it doesn’t like. Or you’ve stayed in the sun a little too long. Or you’re dealing with another rosacea outbreak. Whatever the reason, your skin is now a big, red and inflamed mess. Don’t worry, I’m here to help. Here […]