• The Truth About Fermented Skincare: Does It Work?

    Have you been eating your bacteria lately? I try to sneak a bottle of kefir or a pot of Greek yogurt into my diet every day. I feel SO much better since I’ve started doing it. Now my mood is lighter. That inner critic in my head doesn’t show up as often. And my skin […]

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    Is Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate The Best Form Of Vitamin C?

    Another form of Vitamin C? Aren’t there a gazillion already?! L-Ascorbic Acid is the pure (and most unstable) one Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate is super stable Ascorbyl Glucosamine is better at fading dark spots I could go on, but let’s leave it at that, shall we? Point is: yes, there are already a gazillion forms of […]

  • tca peels 101

    TCA Peel VS Glycolic Acid Peel: Which One Is Better For You?

    I don’t go for facials often (I believe the less you do to your skin, the better), but when I do, I usually opt for a glycolic acid peel. It smoothes out my skin’s texture, evens out its tone and makes my wrinkles look smaller. The best part? There’s no pain or downtime. Well, maybe […]

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    What Are The Best Sunscreens With Mexoryl?

    I’m a zinc oxide fan girl. If a sunscreen doesn’t have it, I won’t even look at it twice. But, I get it. Not all of you want to put up with its greasy feel and whitish cast. But, what’s the alternative? Titanium dioxide’s just as bad (I mean good, I mean bad, I mean… […]