• Myrrh: The Skincare Gift Fit For A King

    “What’s myrrh, mommy?” “It’s a resin with a smokey and balsamic, sometimes bitter, scent. It’s used as a fragrance or to heal wounds.” “Whyyyyyyy?” “Well, because it has anti-septic….” “No, mummy! I mean, why would you give that to a baby?! Why not a teddy bear?” “Er… cos he was a king, hun. You give […]

  • rhassoul clay in skincare

    Rhassoul Clay, Let Me Count The Ways I Love Thee

    For me, clay masks are a seasonal thing. I use them a lot in summer when my skin stubbornly insists on pumping out more oil than it needs (so annoying!). The last thing I wanna do is deal with pimples, so I soak up all that excess with a clay mask before it can do any […]

  • peter thomas roth retinol infusion pm night serum 02

    Which Strength Of Retinol Do You Really Need?

    I can’t imagine I will ever run a marathon (heck, just the thought is enough to give me nightmares), but if I did, I’d start small. Like, really small. I’d go for ever longer walks for a month before I even attempted a little run. And then, I’d increase the miles slowly, one by one. […]

  • Not Just Panda Food: Why Bamboo Is The Next Big Thing In Korean Skincare

    When you say bamboo, I think of cute pandas lazily munching on their leaves up in the Chinese mountains. So cute! But bamboo isn’t just food for pandas. If you’re into Korean skincare, you’ve probably noticed bamboo has found its way into your skincare stash, too. Bamboo water has pretty much replaced boring old water […]

  • nano zinc oxide sunscreen

    Nano Zinc Oxide: Is It As Safe (And Effective) As Regular Zinc Oxide?

    Remember the good old days when you could immediately tell if someone was using sunscreen? That white nose gave the hunky lifeguard away before you could even see his bright red pants. Those days are over. Now we have the technology to make zinc oxide and its BFF titanium dioxide – the rascals responsible for […]

  • vichy ideal soleil anti sand milk spf 50

    Homosalate: Is It Dangerous?

    Synthetic UV filters like company. Mineral sunscreens often use only ONE UV filter to keep your skin safe from UV harm, but chemical sunscreens need way more than that. They often go for a combo of four or five. Why is that? Lots of synthetic UV filters are weak. They can block some UV rays […]