• skinsense by abi cleeve

    Do Silicones Prevent Other Ingredients From Sinking Into The Skin?

    Question: what happens when you use a serum with silicones followed by a moisturiser? A. Your moisturiser become useless. It can’t penetrate the barrier silicones leave on your skin. B. Your moisturiser is a smart cookie and easily penetrates through everything. Silicones are no match for it. C. Your moisturiser slips through the cracks silicones […]

  • why retinol in a jar is a bad idea

    Why You Shouldn’t Buy Retinol Products Packaged In Jars

    I don’t get it. Would you buy a delicate designer dress that’s “dry clean” only and throw it in the washing machine? Of course not. You know that’s like throwing $1000 down the toilet. *shudders* Yet that’s exactly what you’re doing when you’re buying a retinol cream packaged in a jar. Here’s why: What Is […]

  • piz buin 1 day long long lasting sun lotion

    Active Ingredients in Sunscreen Products

    Do you know what’s in your sunscreen? You’d better. Cos not all sunscreens give you adequate sun protection. Some are lazy and only keep you safe from UVB rays. They can get away with this because SPF only refers to the level of protection from UVB rays. Crazy, I know! If you can’t read those […]

  • sunflower oil

    Sunflower Oil For Skin: Benefits And Side Effects

    You know Italians are obsessed with olive oil, right? It’s our go-to oil for cooking. We drizzle it on salads and bruschettas, we use it to make pesto and pasta sauces and cook meat or fish with it.  We even put it on our skin when it’s dry. But when it comes  down to deep-frying, […]

  • emu oil

    Is Emu Oil A Miracle Ingredient?

    Ever wondered how the Australian aborigines healed their cuts and wounds? Their secret’s emu oil. According to legend, this unique oil can do pretty much anything, from moisturising skin to reducing wrinkles and even busting acne. But what’s the truth? Can emu oil really do all these miracles or is it just another hyped up […]