• drunk elephant beste no9 jelly cleanser

    Should You Avoid Products With Sulfates?

    Remember the good old days when shampoos actually cleaned hair? Now, they always seem to leave a slick of oil and a layer on buildup all over your locks. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. But, if you’re fellow oily-haired girl with a mane that pumps out grease like there’s no tomorrow, you know what […]

  • ingredients to avoid in nail polish

    Should You Avoid These 3 Common Nail Polish Ingredients?

    Have you noticed? These days you can’t buy a nail polish without someone telling you what’s NOT in it. “Buy me, I’m free fom Toluene!” “No, pick me!  I’m free from Toluene AND Formaldehyde”. It’s like a race. The brand that removes the most “nasties” wins. But are there any nasties in nail polish? Mmmm… […]

  • glycol stearate in skincare products

    Glycol Stearate: What Is It And How Does It Benefit Skin?

    What the heck is Glycol Stearate? You’ve just taken a look at your skincare labels for the first time and this chemical is popping up all over the place – even in your natural products. Now you’re curious. What does it do and – most importantly – is it safe? Let’s find out: What Is […]

  • benzyl salicylate in skincare

    Is Benzyl Salicylate Safe?

    Let me guess… You’re here because you’ve had an allergic reaction to a skincare product and are wondering if Benzyl Salicylate could be the culprit. Let’s find out: What Is Benzyl Salicylate? Benzyl Salicylate is an ester of Salicylic Acid and Benzyl Alcohol. You can find it in cloves and several fragrant essential oils. At […]

  • octyl palmitate in skincare

    Octyl Palmitate: Is It Comedogenic?

    If you’re avoiding silicones like the plague, you may be familiar with Octyl Palmitate. It’s a common (and cheap) alternative. But, what is it exactly? What does it do in skincare? And is it safe? Let’s find out: What Is Octyl Palmitate? First things first: Octyl Palmitate is best known as Ethylhexyl Palmitate. Isn’t it […]

  • glyceryl stearate in skincare

    Glyceryl Stearate: What Does It Do In Skincare Products?

    Is Glyceryl Stearate green? This is one of those annoying ingredients that pops up in all skincare products, traditional and organic. Its name doesn’t sound natural, yet it’s on none of the “Avoid-at-all-costs” lists. No one talks about it. Ever. Time for a change. Here’s everything you need to know about Glyceryl Stearate in skincare: […]