• connock london kukui oil soothing bath and shower oil

    Is Kukui Oil Good For Skin?

    I had never heard of kukui oil until Connock London Kukui Oil Soothing Bath & Shower Oil came into my life. I’m not exaggerating when I say it changed the way I shower. It cut my shower time in half, prevented burns (you need to live in the UK to understand how tricky it is to shower […]

  • the ordinary natural moisturizing factors + ha

    Why You Should Add Amino Acids To Your Skincare Routine

    The best skincare ingredients are SO underrated. Take amino acids, for example. Amino whaaaaaaat? Exactly. What Are Amino Acids? Amino acids are the building blocks of all proteins. They make up 75% of the human body! They’re essentials to almost all of its functions, including the synthesis of collagen. There is no way skin can function without […]

  • can you use vitamin c and niacinamide together

    Mix And Match: The Skincare Ingredients You Should Never Use Together

    Skincare ingredients can be such divas. All the best anti-aging superstars do wonders on their own but ask them to collaborate and they throw a tantrum. They just won’t do their best work. So frustrating! Wonder who these prima donnas are? Here are the skincare ingredients you should never mix (and how you can force […]

  • Parabens Alternatives: Which Ones Are Safe And Effective?

    You’d think that getting rid of parabens would make cosmetics safer. Quite the opposite, my friend. Badger sunscreens, Kutol hand and body lotions, and Nutek baby wipes are just some of the products that had to be recalled in the past few years because of bacteria or yeast contamination! Imagine opening your fave moisturizer and find […]

  • medik8 liquid peptides 01

    Peptides In Skincare: Do They Really Work?

    Peptides are the anomaly in the skincare matrix. They shouldn’t work. Yet, it seems they do. But how? Why? How well? So many questions. So few answers. Until you get to the bottom of it, should you really invest a small fortune in a peptide serum? Mmm…. What Are Peptides? Peptides are made up of amino […]

  • vitamin k and dark circles

    Is Vitamin K Really An Effective Treatment For Dark Circles?

    A, B, C, D, E, K… K?! Yes, vitamin K. You’ve never heard of it? It’s the underdog of the vitamin world. While everyone’s busy fawning over retinol or vitamin C, no one gives a crap about Vitamin K. Maybe it’s because no one knows what it does. I’m not sure myself and I blog […]