guide to facetheory moisturisers

What’s the best FaceTheory moisturiser for your skin type?

The UK brand is on a mission to make clean yet effective products that don’t break the bank. And they totally deliver. There’s hardly a product in the range I wouldn’t heartily recommend.

The catch? When you take a closer look at their moisturisers, they all look kinda similar. How can you tell which one is best for you?

I’ve got you covered. Here’s the complete guide to FaceTheory moisturisers to help you pick the right one for your skin type and needs:

PRO TIP: Always go with the unscented version of their creams. They’re gentler and less likely to cause irritations.

Best For Very Dry Skin: FaceTheory Regenerating Moisturiser M4 (£13.99)

First things first: FaceTheory Regenerating Moisturiser M4 proudly boasts it contains retinol, a powerful antioxidant that can boost collagen and reduce wrinkles. But… there’s not a drop of it here. What?! Instead, the moisturiser contains retinyl palmitate, an ester of retinol that’s too weak to do much of anything. This is what derms recommend only to people with very sensitive skin who can’t tolerate retinol at all. Bummer! On a more positive note, the moisturiser has sprinkles of antioxidants, like Vitamin C and ferulic acid, to help prevent new wrinkles from forming and plenty of natural oils to make it super moisturising. They also make it really thick. It takes a while for the cream to sink in. I recommend it only to women with very dry skin that needs the extra extra extra moisture.

Available at: FaceTheory

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Best For Anti-Aging: FaceTheory Regenerating Moisturiser M4 Pro (£22.90)

If you’re looking for an anti-aging moisturiser with retinol, FaceTheory Regenerating Moisturiser M4 Pro is a much better option. This version contains 3% retinol liposomes. That’s NOT 3% retinol. And thank goodness for it. You do NOT want to use 3% retinol. That’s way too harsh and could seriously irritate your skin. Instead, it contains a lower (undisclosed) concentration of retinol encapsulated in liposomes for better skin penetration. Plus, the rich moisturising base (a blend of shea butter, Hyaluronic Acid, and natural oils) counteracts the drying effects of retinol, keeping your skin soft and supple for hours on end.

Available at: FaceTheory

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Best For Dry Skin: FaceTheory Ceraquench Renewal Cream (£24.99)

If your skin is on the dry side, but not so dry you need something super heavy duty like M4, FaceTheory Ceraquench Renewal Cream is for you. The moisturising blend of Argan oil, shea butter, and olive oil takes a while to sink in on the combination skin it’s designed for, but it’s perfect for your skin type. It moistures skin, strengthens its protective barrier, and keeps your face soft and supple all day (and night) long. Again, it doesn’t really contain retinol. Instead, FaceTheory opted again for retinyl palmitate, a weak form that doesn’t do much for anti-aging. But hey, at least it makes the cream suitable for sensitive skin, too.

Available at: FaceTheory

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Best For Dry And Sensitive Skin: FaceTheory Rejuvenating Moisturiser M2 (£12.99)

Facetheory Rejuvenating Moisturiser M2 is similar to the M4 formula for dry skin. Like it, it has a rich moisturising base made up of natural oils and butters like shea butter, cocoa butter, and olive oil, that deeply moisturises skin without irritation. These goodies also strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, keeping it safe from harsh weather, pollutants, and other irritants that may trigger another flare-up. The main difference with M4? This version has a sprinkle of colloidal oatmeal and Panthenol, two ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe redness and irritations.

Available at: FaceTheory

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Best For Oily Skin: FaceTheory Supergel Oil-Free Moisturiser M3 (£13.99)

Oily skin? The last thing you need is more oil. Instead, FaceTheory Supergel Oil-Free Moisturiser M3 uses a blend of glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid, and niacinamide to give your skin all the moisture it needs. It works like this: glycerin and hyaluronic acid attracts moisture from the air into your skin, binding it there. Niacinamide strengthens your skin’s protective barrier, making sure moisture doesn’t evaporate out. While it’s at it, niacinamide also refines the look of pores so they look smaller, helps treat acne, soothe irritations… You name it, it does it. Oh, the cream has its fair share of antioxidants to slow down premature aging, too.

Available at: FaceTheory

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Best For Combination Skin: FaceTheory Relaxing Night Cream M10 (£10.99)

FYI, just because FaceTheory Relaxing Night Cream has night in the name, doesn’t mean you can’t use it during the day, too. Sure, the texture is on the heavier side, but not so heavy as the creams for dry skin. And it does sink in quickly without leaving a greasy residue behind. The formula is pretty basic: plenty of shea butter and natural oils (think sunflower, apricot, and olive) to deeply moisturise skin all day and night long. Plus, a sprinkle of antioxidants to slow down premature aging.

Available at: FaceTheory

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Best For Combination And Sensitive Skin: FaceTheory Signature Moisturiser M1 (£11.99)

Again, FaceTheory Signature Moisturiser M1 is described as a day cream, but there’s no reason you can’t use it at night. Its moisturising base is similar to the other FaceTheory moisturisers (which I’m sure, you’re tired of me describing by now!). Shea butter, sunflower and apricot oils create a protective barrier on the skin that holds water in, keeping it soft and supple all day. Its texture is neither too rich nor too light, making it suitable for most skin types, especially combination. The addition of soothing aloe vera helps reduce redness and irritations, too.

Available at: FaceTheory

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Best For Brightening Skin: FaceTheory Amil-C Whip (£16.99)

If you’ve got dull skin that needs a little glow or you just want to prevent premature aging, FaceTheory Amil-C Whip is your best bet. It uses Vitamin C + niacinamide, two powerful brightening agents that go the extra mile. Vitamin C fights free radicals, boosts collagen, and brightens the complexion. Niacinamide helps fade away dark spots, moisturises skin, soothes redness, helps treat acne… You name it. Plus, the moisturiser has the lightweight texture out of all the moisturisers the brand offers. If you’re wary of using oils, this is the best option for you.

Available at: FaceTheory

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What’s the best FaceTheory Moisturiser for your needs? Share your pick in the comments below.