• vertical nail ridges

    Vertical Ridges On Fingernails: What Causes Them?

    Do you have vertical lines on your nails? They’re totally normal. They’re just another sign of aging (like we needed another one…). By the way, they’re called onychorrhexis. Here’s all you need to know about them: What causes vertical ridges? Think of vertical ridges as wrinkles. As you get older, they’re gonna get you. Cosmetologist Jen […]

  • dry winter skin

    7 Winter Skincare Tips For Soft And Glowing Skin

    Winter is coming. And my skin is in panic mode. Sweeping harsh winds that suck all the moisture out of it. Freezing temperatures that make it flake. And don’t get me started on snow. It reflects UV rays like crazy and that means one thing: sun damage. It’s gonna be hell for skin. Unless you […]

  • salicylic acid skincare benefits

    How Often Should You Change Your Skincare Products?

    It was going too well. After years of experimenting with new skincare products, lots of trial and errors, and hundreds of pounds literally thrown down the drain, I had finally managed to put together a skincare routine my skin loved. My skin had never looked so clear or been so soft. And that glow! Then, […]

  • low ph cleansers

    Can Cold Water Close Pores?

    If I had a penny for every time I heard someone say you have to finish cleansing your face with a splash of icy cold water to close your pores, I’d be stinking rich. As it is, I’m just stinking frustrated. This is one of those beauty myths that just won’t die. Here’s why it’s […]

  • avene hydrance rich hydrating cream

    What Does Dermatologist Tested Mean?

    Every time I read the words “dermatologist tested” on a skincare label, I think of a man in a white coat handing a new cream to an unsuspecting patient who has no idea she’s being picked to be a free guinea pig for a giant cosmetic company…. Who knows what’ll happen to her skin?… Ok, that’s […]

  • urea for dry and sensitive skin

    What Is Sebum (And Why You Need It)?

    I have a riddle for your today. What is your skin’s BFF and its worst enemy at the same time? Its frenemy, you know? Ok, I’ll tell you… Sebum. When skin makes just enough of it, a miracle happens: your skin is perfectly moisturized. It is soft to the touch. It’s plumper. It glows. It’s […]