• the ordinary glycolic acid toning solution

    Is It Ok For Skincare Products To Tingle?

    Uh oh, there it goes again. Your’s skin tingling. Just after applying that new serum. Is it meant to do that? It must be, right? If it tingles, it works. Beauty magazines have repeated that a dozen times. But then… Why is my skin turning redder? What’s going on? Is this normal?! Not really. Sometimes […]

  • Pack Smart: Skincare Tips For Travelling

    Summer is almost here, and that means sun, sea, sand and much-needed holidays. Yay! That brings the question: what are you going to bring with you in your carry-on bag? You definitely need sunscreen. And a cleanser. And an anti-aging serum. And, your entire skincare routine, basically. But how to make it all fit into […]

  • nourish argan skin renew

    Top 7 Misleading Cosmetic Claims

    Do you ever wonder if anything that comes out of a brand’s mouth is true? You know they lie to you ALL the time to sell you crap you don’t need and, often, doesn’t even work. And you’ve learnt to smell the BS a mile away. You’re getting smarter. But so are they. Some of […]

  • How To Care For Your Skin In Your 30s

    I swear, when I hit the big 3-0, my skin turned on me. All my life, I just had to worry about the odd pimple here and there. Annoying, sure – but not a big deal. Then, I turn 30 and everything goes south. Fine lines and crow’s feet pop up out of nowhere. The […]

  • emma hardie lift & sculpt firming neck treatment 01

    How To Take Care Of Your Neck (So It Won’t Betray Your Real Age)

    I will never forget the first time I went to Paris. The beautiful architecture, the mouth-watering pastries, the romantic walks along the Seine at night… As I was strolling through its many streets and boulevards, I couldn’t help but notice that every Parisian woman I saw wore a scarf. Back then, I thought it was […]

  • treat acne scars

    5 Bad Skincare Habits That Can Damage Skin

    Sometimes, I wish my skin could talk and tell me, “Gio, stop doing that! You’re hurting me!” But it doesn’t. I have to figure out what’s wrong with it and why it’s not as clear and glowy as I want it to be. It should be. I spend a lot of time taking care of […]