• low ph cleansers

    Can Cold Water Close Pores?

    If I had a penny for every time I heard someone say you have to finish cleansing your face with a splash of icy cold water to close your pores, I’d be stinking rich. As it is, I’m just stinking frustrated. This is one of those beauty myths that just won’t die. Here’s why it’s […]


  • avene hydrance rich hydrating cream

    What Does Dermatologist Tested Mean?

    Every time I read the words “dermatologist tested” on a skincare label, I think of a man in a white coat handing a new cream to an unsuspecting patient who has no idea she’s being picked to be a free guinea pig for a giant cosmetic company…. Who knows what’ll happen to her skin?… Ok, that’s […]


  • urea for dry and sensitive skin

    What Is Sebum (And Why You Need It)?

    I have a riddle for your today. What is your skin’s BFF and its worst enemy at the same time? Its frenemy, you know? Ok, I’ll tell you… Sebum. When skin makes just enough of it, a miracle happens: your skin is perfectly moisturized. It is soft to the touch. It’s plumper. It glows. It’s […]


  • drunk elephant protini polypeptide cream

    Should You Apply Skincare Products On The Upper Lid?

    Do you ever read instructions on your skincare products? For the longest time, I didn’t. I mean, it’s a cream. How difficult can it be to apply? Pick it up with your finger and pat it on your skin. Done. Hardly rocket science. But last week I was bored enough to take a better look […]


  • the best antiaging routine for dry and aging skin

    Does Dry Skin Cause Wrinkles?

    If you have dry skin, you get deeper wrinkles than your oily-skinned pals. That’s a fact. But is it dry skin that causes wrinkles? Does the fact you’re born with it or have developed it at some point cursed you to age before your time? Not really. Here’s why: Why Dry Skin Does NOT Cause […]


  • cerave eye repair cream

    4 Ways To Treat Flaky Eyelids

    Blending those eyeshadows can be a real challenge. It gets even worse when my lids are dry and flaky. Then, it’s just impossible to get a decent look. When that happens, I just give up on eyeshadow and gently apply moisturizer on my lids. But, too often, that’s not enough to fix the problem. Here’s […]