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    What’s The Difference Between A Cosmetic And A Drug (And Why It Matters)?

    Have you ever wondered why some skincare products are considered cosmetics and freely available OTC and others are called drugs and you need a prescription to use them? What’s the different between a cosmetic and a drug? It all depends on its intended purpose. Here’s what I mean: What’s A Cosmetic? According to the Federal […]

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    How Long Should You Wait Before Applying The Next Skincare Product?

    How long should you wait before applying the next skincare product? If you’re anything like me, you put them on one after the other without giving them time to settle. Isn’t that how everyone does it? But then you go on Reddit and someone mentions to wait 5 minutes between each product. “No, wait, 10 […]

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    Skin Irritation: Causes and Prevention

    No one wants to deal with irritated skin. But, sometimes it happens… and you have no idea why. What made your skin so red? How can you treat it? And, most importantly, how to prevent it from happening again? Let’s find out: What Causes Skin Irritations? Lots of things can irritate your skin. But, here […]

  • Help! I’ve Had An Allergic Reaction From A Skincare Product!

    Getting a new beauty product is SO exciting. All you want to do is play with it straight away and see what miracle it can do for your skin. But, sometimes the dream turns into a nightmare. Rather than smoother, plumper skin, that moisturiser is making your face all red, swollen, and irritated! What the […]

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    3 Reasons Why You Should Wash Your Face At Night

    I love putting on makeup. It’s so much fun to experiment with new products and see how they transform my face. A swipe of red lipstick turns me into a femme fatale while a hint of blush and a touch of clear lipgloss gives out girl-next-door vibes. But, removing makeup? That’s such a chore! Even […]

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    At What Age Should You Start Exfoliating?

    When did you start exfoliating? I started dabbling with scrubs when I was around 15. Every Sunday evening, I’d massage the grainy mixture all over my face, before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. The ritual made my skin softer than a baby’s. But I didn’t dare do it too often. You often hear that […]