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    3 Reasons Why You Should Wash Your Face At Night

    I love putting on makeup. It’s so much fun to experiment with new products and see how they transform my face. A swipe of red lipstick turns me into a femme fatale while a hint of blush and a touch of clear lipgloss gives out girl-next-door vibes. But, removing makeup? That’s such a chore! Even […]


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    At What Age Should You Start Exfoliating?

    When did you start exfoliating? I started dabbling with scrubs when I was around 15. Every Sunday evening, I’d massage the grainy mixture all over my face, before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. The ritual made my skin softer than a baby’s. But I didn’t dare do it too often. You often hear that […]


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    Does Shaving Make Hair Grow Thicker?

    I’ve always shaved. It’s my fave hair removal method. Waxing and epilatories are painful as hell, and I don’t do pain. Hair removal creams take forever to use and they always seem to leave some short stubs behind, anyway. Shaving gets the job done well, quickly, and painlessly. It doesn’t even make hair grow back […]


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    Should You Use A Washcloth To Cleanse Your Face?

    Do you use a washcloth to cleanse your face? I know a lot of you swear by it, and there are definitely some good reasons to use one, but, I can’t be bothered to. I mean, once in a while, I will. And I do love the results. But, everyday? I’m way too lazy for […]


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    7 Tips on How to Introduce New Skincare Products in Your Routine

    I love trying new makeup products all the time. It’s so much fun! But, skincare products? That’s a different story. If a lipstick shade doesn’t suit you, you can wipe it off. But if your moisturiser isn’t working? You could get a breakout. Or an irritation. Sticking to your tried and tested staples is safer. […]