• shaving myth

    Does Shaving Make Hair Grow Thicker?

    I’ve always shaved. It’s my fave hair removal method. Waxing and epilatories are painful as hell, and I don’t do pain. Hair removal creams take forever to use and they always seem to leave some short stubs behind, anyway. Shaving gets the job done well, quickly, and painlessly. It doesn’t even make hair grow back […]

  • liz earle cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser lavender and vetiver 02

    Should You Use A Washcloth To Cleanse Your Face?

    Do you use a washcloth to cleanse your face? I know a lot of you swear by it, and there are definitely some good reasons to use one, but, I can’t be bothered to. I mean, once in a while, I will. And I do love the results. But, everyday? I’m way too lazy for […]

  • skinsense by abi cleeve

    7 Tips on How to Introduce New Skincare Products in Your Routine

    I love trying new makeup products all the time. It’s so much fun! But, skincare products? That’s a different story. If a lipstick shade doesn’t suit you, you can wipe it off. But if your moisturiser isn’t working? You could get a breakout. Or an irritation. Sticking to your tried and tested staples is safer. […]

  • deodorant and antiperspirant

    What’s the difference between antiperspirants and deodorants?

    Did you know there’s a difference between deodorants and antiperspirants? Until a few years ago, I thought they were the same thing. Duh! Hey, in my defence, they’re both supposed to make you smell nice. But, as it turns out, they work in two very different ways: What Are Antiperspirants? What they do: They stop […]

  • caudalie-vineactiv-energizing-and-smoothing-eye-cream

    How To Apply Eye Cream The Right Way

    Do you know how to apply eye cream the right way? FYI, when I say eye cream, I mean any cream you use on the eye area. Truth is, eye cream is just a facial moisturiser in a smaller jar. Those special ingredients for the eye area? Mostly hype. If caffeine worked, no one would […]

  • are you applying sunscreen to your hands?

    How Does Nail Cuticle Remover Work?

    I never remove cuticles. I know they “ruin” an otherwise perfectly polished manicure, BUT, those cuticles are there for a reason. They prevent bacteria and other nasty stuff from entering our nails. Kind of a good reason to keep them there, don’t you agree? Maybe not. Doesn’t matter. I’m not gonna jump on my soapbox […]