what's the difference between men and women shaving products

I have a confession to make.

The first time I shaved, I stole my dad’s shaving cream and disposable (unused) razor. I didn’t see the point of buying my own when those were readily available for free.

They did a pretty good job, so I kept using them, much to my dad’s puzzlement. He couldn’t figure out why his shaving cream and razors were running out much faster than usual!

Fast forward a few years, and I am now buying my own shaving stuff. But, 9 times out of 10, I still shop in the men’s aisle. It’s just cheaper, you know. For some weird reason, beauty companies just slap a higher price tag on everything that’s pink… *sighs*

But, a shaving cream is a shaving cream, and a razor is a razor. Sure, there may be some differences between men’s and women’s shaving creams and razors, but hardly enough to justify the outrageous difference in price, right? Let’s investigate:

Men’s VS Women’s Shaving Cream

What’s the same?


Men’s and women’s shaving creams do exactly the same thing, so it makes sense that they use the same ingredients. They are made with stearic acid, palmitic acid, and triethanolamine, all ingredients that can soften hair and lubricate skin, so you can shave much more easily. They also contain moisturizing ingredients to keep skin soft.

What’s different?


Both men’s and women’s shaving creams are fragranced, but these are based on gender. Men enjoy aftershave scents, while women are stuck with floral fragrances (can you tell I’m not a fan?).


This too is different based on gender. The packaging of shaving creams designed for men often feature dark bold colours. Shaving creams for women usually come in pink bottles. So, yeah, our bottles and tubes are prettier (can you tell I LOVE pink?), but that’s hardly a good reason to spend more for them, is it?

The Verdict

Men’s shaving creams win. They’re uglier, but get the job done at a much cheaper price.

Men’s VS Women’s Razors

What’s the same?


Well, they both use blades to remove those pesky unwanted hairs. By the way, if the blades of women’s razors get duller faster is not because their quality is poorer. We just shave bigger areas, so of course, the go dull more quickly.

What’s different?


I find that women’s razors usually have bells and whistles men’s razors lack, like moisturizing strips, and easier to hold handles. Women’s razors also tend to have a more curved shape that better fits and follows the contours of the body. But (maybe because of these features?) I never seem to get as close as shave with them, as I get with men’s razors. Hmmm….


Again, women’s razors are much prettier. They usually come in pink or purple shades, which are much more appealing. Men’s razors only come in dark shades, which is a bit depressing, don’t you think?

The Verdict

Men’s razors win. They may be uglier, and have fewer bells and whistles, but I always get a much closer and precise shave with them.

The Bottom Line

If a pretty packaging or sweet scent is important to you, by all means, shop in the women’s aisle. But, if you just want something that gets the job done at a cheaper price, men’s shaving creams and razors are the way to go. I know I’ll stick to them.

Do you use men’s or women’s shaving products? Let me know in the comments below.