liquid soap vs bar soap

Liquid soap vs bar soap: which team are you on?

I’m team liquid soap all the way. I’ve never used anything else. Sure, I remember the odd bar soap around the house growing up, but they were just gathering dust on the bathroom shelves (ah, the fate of unwanted presents).

It’s not just a personal preference. Bar soaps underperform in every way. Here’s what make liquid soap better than bar soap:

Liquid VS Bar Soap: Which One Is Better For All Skin Types?

Liquid soap: Made with milder surfactants that don’t disrupt the skin’s protective barrier, it helps skin retain more than 30% of the skin’s natural moisture during the cleansing process. That’s great news for dry and sensitive skin.

Bar soaps: It has harsher cleansing agents and a high ph that disrupt the skin’s protective barrier and cause irritations. The exception? Bar soaps with glycerin and moisturizing oils that can atttract and bind moisture to the skin, keeping it hydrated without drying it out.

The Winner: Liquid soap – it’s gentler.

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Liquid VS Bar Soap: Which One Is More Effective?

Liquid soap: It produces lather faster than a bar soap and usually cleanses well. It removes all traces of dirt and grime without drying out your skin.

Bar soaps: It feels creamier and lathers less, and removes impurities just as well. But frequent use disrupts the skin’s barrier. What’s the point of being effective if it hurts skin, right?

The Winner: Liquid soap – it cleanses without side effects.

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Liquid vs Bar Soap: Which One Is More Convenient?

Liquid soap: It usually comes in a mess-free bottle with a pump dispenser. But, it’s easy to overestimate the amount of soap you need, so you can end up wasting some.

Bar soap: It turns slimy and slips everywhere – a total pain in the neck, really. But, you only ever use the needed amount. No waste. Phew!

The Winner: Liquid soap – it’s more convenient.

Liquid VS Bar Soap: Which One is Safer?

Liquid soap: It’s difficult for nasty bacteria and fungi to find their way inside a bottle of liquid soap. Plus, lots of people can use it without infections spreading.

Bar soap: Bacteria thrive in moist environments. Bar soaps are much more likely to be playgrounds for bacteria and spread infections, especially when shared by a lot of people or not allowed to dry properly.

The winner: Liquid soap, all the way! It’s safer.

Liquid VS Bar Soap: Which One Is Better Packaged?

Liquid soap: It comes in pretty bottles with pump dispensers. Usually,  you can buy a refill, which saves you some money (and is good for the environment).

Bar soap: It’s usually wrapped in paper or cardboard, which is easier to recycle.

The Winner: Bar soap – less plastic.

Liquid VS Bar Soap: Which one is dirtier?

Liquid soap: It leaves no scum behind. Translation = no cleaning up to do! Yay!

Bar soap: It leaves soap scum in the shower, which you have to clean up. *sighs*

The Winner: Liquid soap – who wants to do extra cleaning?!

Liquid VS Bar Soap: Which one is cheaper?

Liquid soap: it’s pretty cheap, but tends to be more expensive than bar soap.

Bar soap: It’s usually very cheap. Sure, there are exceptions (Drunk Elephant, anyone?). But if you’re on a strict budget, you’ll usually opt for a bar soap.

The winner: Bar soap – it’s usually the cheapest.

EFFECTIVENESS Doesn’t lather much, but cleanses well. Lathers well and removes all traces of dirt and grime.
CONVENIENCE Turns slimy and slips everywhere. Mess-free.
SAFETY Easy bacteria contamination, especially when shared. No bacteria contamination, can be shared safely.
PACKAGING Wrapped in paper or cardboard. Plastic bottles with pump dispenser. Refills available.
DIRTY FACTOR Leaves scum in the shower. Doesn’t leave scum in the shower.
PRICE Very cheap. Cheap, but pricier than bar soaps.

Is Liquid Soap Better Than Bar Soap?

Yes, liquid soap is better than bar soap in almost every way. Most importantly, it cleanses skin without drying it out and is safer from bacteria contamination.

Do you prefer liquid soap or bar soap? Share your preference in the comments below.