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I keep hearing raves about Aleppo soap. It’s an ancient type of soap from Syria made mostly of olive oil and a variable amount of laurel oil (the one I have contains 30% of it).

To say that I was excited to finally try it would be an understatement. Unfortunately, the excitement died quickly. Nour Aleppo Soap with 30% Laurel Oil is, hands down, the worst soap I have ever used. Here’s why:

P.S. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a different brand. The ingredients are the same, so the review still applies.

What’s In Nour Aleppo Soap With 30% Laurel Oil?


Oils in skincare do double duty – and the olive oil in Nour Aleppo Soap With 30% Laurel Oil is no exception:

  • Cleansing: Olive oil works thanks to the “like attracts like” principle. The oil attaches to the oils in your makeup + skin, melting them away.
  • Moisturising: Olive oil is rich in fatty acids that strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, helping to keep it soft and smooth for hours.

If this were the only oil in the soap, it wouldn’t be so harsh…

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Ok, I’m sure Nour didn’t add laurel oil to their Aleppo Soap with 30% Laurel Oil to ruin your skin. But that’s what it did to me…

In theory, laurel oil has moisturising and anti-aging properties. In practice, natural oils aren’t just one ingredient. If you were to dissect laurel oil, you’ll discover it’s made of lots of ingredients.

Most of them are harmless. Others, not so much. I’m talking about its fragrant components, the compound that give the plant its distinctive smell. They’re a common allergen and often cause irritations.

If your skin’s sensitive, avoid this stuff like the plague. If it isn’t, beware, too. My skin is pretty resistant and rarely reacts badly to anything. That’s why I was surprised to experience such a bad reaction from this. Never again!

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Nour Aleppo Soap with 30% Laurel Oil is brown on the outside and green on the inside. It’s big and bulky, which I’m not sure I like. Sure, it lasts forever, but it’s also hard to handle. I tried to cut it down to manageable slices, but it just crumbled to pieces…


The scent isn’t nice either. It strongly smells of laurel, but fades away after 5 minutes, so you’ll just have to put up with it while you’re using it.

How To Use It

Like any other soap. It’s your first step in your skincare routine.

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Performance & Personal Opinion

Nour Aleppo Soap with 30% Laurel Oil does a great job at cleansing skin and removing dirt, makeup and other impurities. But, after I use it on combo skin, my oily t-zone feels very tight and my dry cheeks look red.

Like that wasn’t enough, it made me break out quite bad. At first I thought it was hormonal – I always get a few pimples on my chin during that time of the month (oh the joys of being a woman!). But then I noticed I had some of my cheeks too – and I NEVER get pimples there.

For the next month, I used the soap on and off and I noticed that, every time I used it, the pimples would appear, and every time I stopped, they would quickly disappear. I blame it on laurel oil. It’s just too harsh for most skin types.

One more thing: soaps are famous for having a high pH that disrupts the skin’s protective barrier and causes severe dryness – even without laurel oil. For the love of your skin, avoid them!

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Who Is This For?

No one. I can’t recommend this.

Who Is This Not For?

Anyone who has skin. Again, I don’t recommend it.


Nour Aleppo Soap with 30% Laurel Oil is packaged in plastic and wrapped around with a cute green ribbon.

Does Nour Aleppo Soap with 30% Laurel Oil Live Up To Its Claims?

It’s delicate, precious and skin-friendly. The opposite. It irritated my skin and made me breakout.
Free of harsh surfactants, SLS, SLES, dyes, fragrance or preservatives True. But laurel oil irritated my skin more than all those “nasty” ingredients combined…
Suitable for all uses and all the family. For the love of your family, do not use this on them. Especially not on children.

Price & Availability

£8.00+ at natural health stores.

Do You Need It?


Dupes & Alternatives


*Olea europaea fruit oil, *laurus nobilis fruit oil, sodium hydroxide, aqua
*from biological agriculture