• la roche posay hydraphase intense serum

    Can You Use Serum As Makeup Primer?

    I am a Paula’s Choice fan girl. When she speaks skincare, I usually listen. But when I came across a certain video by her Skincare Team (I’d link to it, but it has since been removed), I did a double take. The lovely Desiree was talking serums and mentioned you can use them as primers, […]

  • overdoing skincare

    3 Signs You Are Overdoing It With Skincare

    Remember when skincare was easy? Cleanse, tone, moisturize. Done. Now, we have all kinds of extra products. Exfoliants, serums, facial oils, clay masks, sheet masks… And who knows what will pop up next? But isn’t using them all a bit too much? I mean, it’s not like skin really needs a 10-step routine. So, what […]

  • elixseri rescue diver serum

    Can I Skip Moisturizer And Use Serum Alone?

    I’m a minimalist. When it comes to skincare, I truly think that less is more. Like, why pay twice for the same moisturizer just because one jar is labelled “face” and the other “eye”? Insane. I thought serums were like that. Super lightweight moisturizers. Why bother? Then, I gave them a go and was blown […]

  • Elemental Herbology Cell Plumping Moisturizer

    Pat or Rub: Which Makes Skincare Products Work Better?

    Are you Team Pat or Team Rub? No, it’s not a new reality show. I’m talking about how you apply your skincare products. Should you rub them in or pat them on? I used to be a rubber. Once that cream was in my hands, I’d scoop up a tiny bit and automatically rub it […]

  • mavala skin vitality mist

    5 Unnecessary Skincare Products

    “Cleanse, tone, and moisturize.” “Don’t forget to buy a cream for your turkey neck, as well!” “Have you tried this mask? It’s a facial in a sheet!” Geez, if you bought every skincare product out there, you’d need a separate room just to house your lotions and potions. And your skincare routine would take you […]

  • peter thomas roth retinol infusion pm night serum 01

    How To Choose The Right Serum For Your Age

    For years, I ignored serums. I had no idea what they were, what they were supposed to do and what the point in buying one was. But, one day, curiosity got the better of me. I tried one and… have never looked back. These days, a serum is an essential step in my skincare routine, […]