• qualified practitioner for botox treatment

    Botox Treatment: How To Find A Qualified Practitioner You Can Trust

    Did you hear? Superdrug’s just launched a Botox and fillers service. That’s right. Next time you pop into a high street store, you can get a Botox treatment together with that new cute lipstick and your fave body wash. The best part? It’ll cost you just £99. I have mixed feelings about this. On the […]

  • acid mantle

    Acid Mantle: What It Is And How To Repair It

    “My skin is ALWAYS dry and flaky, no matter what I do.” “I’m afraid of trying new skincare products. My skin’s so sensitive, it can’t tolerate ANYTHING!” “Every time I wash my face, my skin feels so tight and dry.” Sounds familiar? That’s your acid mantle screaming for help. What Is The Acid Mantle? Acid […]

  • nivea urban detox mask

    Detoxifying Skincare Products: Do They Work?

    Do detoxifying skincare products work? Short answer: no. Long answer: sort of… Just not as you think. Here’s what I mean: What Detoxifying Skincare Products Imply Detox: a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances. That’s the dictionary definition of detox for you. So […]

  • beach day skincare routine

    The Best Beach Skincare Routine For Your Summer Holidays

    What’s your beach skincare game like? Mine ain’t that different from my everyday skincare routine. I can’t stand to have 10 layers on my face on any given day, let alone when I’m roasting under the sun for hours. Just. No. My beach skincare philosophy is KISS (keep it simple, stupid): the morning’s all about […]

  • how to take care of skin on a plane

    How To Take Care Of Your Skin On A Plane

    I’m sitting in the airport lounge, waiting to board my flight to Budapest. It’s a short trip. Two hours and then I’ll be soaking up the sun at an outdoor spa, going for romantic moonlight walks by the Danube, and snacking on chimney cake. I can’t wait. But… my skin is dreading it. Because plane […]

  • best cerave products for dry skin

    Are Drugstore Products As Effective As High-End Products?

    Now The Ordinary has made skincare as cheap as a Starbucks coffee, is it really worth paying more for a serum? Like, everything else seems a rip-off in comparison now… And yet, you’re not ready to give up on high-end skincare yet. That little voice in your head keeps whispering there must be a catch. […]