• Why I Wash My Face Like I Wash My Dishes (And You Should, Too)

    I wash my face like I was my dishes. No, not with dishwashing detergent. Eww! I don’t want to destroy my skin. I use a konjac sponge. It’s a bit ironic, when you think about it. The girl who couldn’t be bothered to use a washcloth now swears by a sponge. But, hear me out. […]

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    The Problem With Cosmeceuticals (And Why I Use Them Anyway)

    After raving about cosmeceuticals a few days ago, I thought I should probably get into more detail about what the heck they are. Because cosmeceuticals are freaking awesome. But they’re also freaking dangerous. This is the most powerful stuff you can buy without a prescription. Don’t say I haven’t warned you. What Are Cosmeceuticals? The […]

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    4 Things I Learned From Korean Skincare

    Korean skincare is taking over the world. You can’t enter a shop these days that doesn’t have its own SoKo beauty counter. Or open a magazine without reading about the latest beauty trends from the East. Everyone’s talking about it. Have the Koreans discovered the fountain of youth, or is it all marketing hype? That’s […]

  • 3 Skincare Habits To Adopt For Younger-Looking, Flawless Skin

    Are you ready to make this year your year of awesome skin? Let’s make some resolutions, then. No, not the usual, wear sunscreen every day or remove your makeup before going to bed. I know you’re already doing all that. RIGHT? I’m talking about new habits that are harder to adopt but will get you the […]

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    The Best Skincare Regimen To Remove Sun Spots

    “Come out and play under my warm rays,” the sun invites you. It’s a promise full of light, warmth and carefree fun. How can you resist? What that sneaky sun never tells you is the price you have to pay for it: premature wrinkles and sun spots. They appear one day completely out of the blue. […]