flaky eyelids causes

Blending those eyeshadows can be a real challenge. It gets even worse when my lids are dry and flaky. Then, it’s just impossible to get a decent look.

When that happens, I just give up on eyeshadow and gently apply moisturizer on my lids. But, too often, that’s not enough to fix the problem.

Here’s why: dryness is only one of the things that cause flaky lids. And yes, that one can be fixed with moisturizer. But, the other causes can’t.

What are the most common causes of flaky eyelids and how can you fix them? Let’s find out:

Flaky Eyelids Cause #1: Dryness

Let’s start with the most obvious cause of flaky eyelids: dryness. Harsh weather, unprotective sun exposure, and irritating skincare products can dry out the eyelids, making them flake.

Luckily, fixing this is easy. Moisturize the eyelids. Just make sure the moisturizer you’re using is suitable for this delicate area. That means no alcohol, no fragrance, and nothing else that can cause irritations.

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Flaky Eyelids Cause #2: Allergies And irritations

Harsh skincare products can irritate the eyelids and make them flake. Fragrance and alcohol are usually the main culprits. But even ingredients that are perfectly safe for the rest of the face can irritate the lids. The skin there is way more delicate.

Nail polish is another culprit. Yes, I know you’re not using nail polish on your eyelids. But, sometimes we mindlessly touch our eyes after we’ve just applied nail polish. When we do, the harsh chemicals in the nail polish will get in contact with our eyes, irritating them.

Same with food. If you rub your eyes while you’re eating or cooking, you can irritate your eyes. Maybe even cause an allergic reaction.

The solution? Figure out what you’re allergic to (patch tests can be very helpful for this) and avoid it like the plague.

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Flaky Eyelids Cause #3: Infections

Flakiness can also be a symptom of something more serious: an eye infection.

One of the most common is called blepharitis. It causes itchiness, redness, swelling, discharge and, especially in the morning, stickiness and crusting.

Don’t attempt to do anything on your own. Go to a doctor immediately for a precise diagnosis and treatment. Eye infections are serious. If not properly treated, you could go blind.

Flaky Eyelids Cause #4: Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

Yep, your eyelashes can get dandruff too.

Can you guess what the cure is? An anti-dandruff shampoo, of course! No, I’m not kidding. Just apply a tiny amount of anti-dandruff shampoo for about 3 minutes every day on your lids and then rinse off. Keep your eyes close shut while doing this or it’ll sting your eyes like hell.

When All Else Fails

If you’ve tried everything and your eyelids are still dry and flaky, it’s time to see a doctor. Chances are, you have an underlying condition that requires a different treatment. It’s your health we’re talking about. Take care of it.

Have you ever experienced dry and flaky eyelids? Share your tips in the comments below.