Do you really need eye cream?

Do you need eye cream?

I don’t use one. Well, most of the time…

I do use an eye cream if I get a u/ sets that happen to have one, or a PR sends me a sample, because I don’t want them to go to waste. But, actually go out and buy a full-size jar of eye cream with my own money?


When I was young, I’d tell myself I didn’t need it and would think about buying one when the first few lines would appear (which is SO wrong, because by then it’s usually too late). And, when they appeared , I already knew enough about skincare to know what a con they are.

Turns out, there really is no difference between a facial moisturizer and an eye cream. Well, actually there’s a difference: the price. With eye creams, you’re paying more for less product.

Told you, it was a con. Here’s why:

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Do You Need Eye Cream?: The Case Against

Myth 1: Eye Creams Contain Special Ingredients For The Eye Area

The skin around our eyes is thinner and super delicate, so there must be some special ingredients just for it, right?

Wrong. Take a look at your fave moisturizers and eye creams. Their formulas are almost identical: same moisturizing ingredients, same antioxidants, some sunscreen actives….

Truth is, the ingredients that provide these benefits are the same for all types of skincare products.

Wait, what about ingredients for dark circles and puffy eyes?

Ok, those, like caffeine, aren’t usually found in facial moisturizers. But, have you ever found an eye cream that can really get rid of puffy eyes or undereye bags?

Me neither.

Sure, some can help. But, you know why? Because they have light-reflective particles and silicones that fill in wrinkles and make them look smaller.

The same light-reflective particles and silicones that are used in facial moisturizers. Need I say more, girls?

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Myth #2: Eye Creams are more gentle

Some of them, maybe. But, you’d be surprised how many eye creams contain fragrance, alcohol, and lots of other stuff that’s irritating for the thicker skin of your face, let alone the delicate skin of your eyes.

Just because it is labelled EYE cream, it doesn’t mean it is suitable for the eye area.

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Do You Need Eye Cream: The Case For It

Every rule has an exception. This one has two. Using a separate eye cream may be worth it in two cases:

1. When your facial moisturizer isn’t suitable for the eye area.

If it contains alcohol, fragrance, or any irritating ingredients, it may be best not to use it on the eye area. But, in this case, why not switch to a fomula you can use all over?

2. The eye area has different needs

If yoru skin is drier under your eyes and oilier everywhere else, for example, then using two separate products makes sense. But, they don’t need to be a face cream and an eye cream. It could be two face creams. Just look at the formula, not the label.

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The Bottom Line

Your undereye area needs just what your face needs: a well-formulated moisturizer that hydrates, helps fight premature aging, and provides sun protection. So, save yourself some money, and buy yourself a good facial moisturizer you can use all over, eye area included.

Do you think you need eye cream? Share your thoughts in the comments below.