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  • How To Choose The Best Exfoliator For Your Skin Type

    “I have sensitive skin. Can I exfoliate?” “Last time I tried an exfoliator, my skin got so red and sore. Should I really give it another go?” “Exfoliation’s not working for me. I’ve tried every scrub under the sun to get rid of my pimples, but those nasty buggers are still there. What else can […]

  • Are Hypoallergenic Products Really Safer?

    What does hypoallergenic mean in skincare? Hint: it’s NOT safer. …. I’ll give you a moment to digest that. I know it’s a shock. If you’ve rosacea, eczema or just sensitive skin that throws a tantrum every time you try something new, you’re probably scouring the shops for safe products that won’t cause another flareup. […]

  • ameliorate transforming body lotion review

    What I Use To Exfoliate My Body (It Works For Chicken Skin, Too)

    When was the last time you exfoliated your body? If you’re anything like me, you’re slathering your fave acid on your face every other day – heaven forbid those pesky dead cells roughen up your skin and steal its glow. Your body? You even forget you have one. Hidden under layers of clothing for most […]