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  • bioderma sensibio AR

    Can Bioderma Sensibio AR Really Reduce And Prevent Redness?

    Is it me or skin tends to get SO red in winter? I’m not talking about the pinkish flush you get after a brisk walk in the park. That’s kinda cute. I’m talking about irritation. The harsh winter weather breaks down your skin’s defences, letting all kinds of germs and irritants have a field day […]

  • is witch hazel good for skin

    Witch Hazel For Skin: Is It As Irritating As Paula Begoun Says?

    “Did you hear? Witch hazel is super irritating. Like, worse than alcohol!” “What are you talking about? Everyone knows that witch hazel soothes irritations! It cant’t be bad.” “Enough you two! Can’t someone just take us out of our misery and tell us if witch hazel for skin is a good idea or not?” I’ll […]

  • acid mantle

    Acid Mantle: What It Is And How To Repair It

    “My skin is ALWAYS dry and flaky, no matter what I do.” “I’m afraid of trying new skincare products. My skin’s so sensitive, it can’t tolerate ANYTHING!” “Every time I wash my face, my skin feels so tight and dry.” Sounds familiar? That’s your acid mantle screaming for help. What Is The Acid Mantle? Acid […]