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  • avene thermal spring water

    Thermal Water: What Is It And Can It Really Help Your Skin?

    Is thermal water a scam or do the French know something we don’t? Like, they go gaga over this stuff. You can’t enter a pharmacy in France without bumping into shelves stocked to the brim with all kinds of fancy water. To the rest of the us, thermal water looks like plain old water in […]

  • is vitamin C safe for sensitive skin

    Can You Use A Vitamin C Serum If You Have Sensitive Skin?

    I know what you’re thinking, “Vitamin C for sensitive skin?! Isn’t that like milk for lactose-intolerance? Trouble?” It can be. Vitamin C has a (well-deserved!) rep for being stingy, irritating and harsh AF. Ouch! If you’ve got sensitive skin, it’s easy to think you’d be better off without it. Big mistake. Vitamin C is more sensitive-skin […]

  • niod modulating glucosides review

    The New Way To Soothe Sensitive & Irritated Skin

    Niod Modulating Glucosides… Gluco…what? Since when do you need a chemistry degree to buy skincare? Like, would you even pick it off the shelf if you had no idea what it did? Probably not. And that’s a shame. Because, if you have eczema, rosacea, sensitive skin that gets all red and irritated easily or just […]

  • the ordinary lactic acid 10 + ha 2 01

    What Are The Best Exfoliants With Lactic Acid?

    Can you exfoliate sensitive skin with acids? Short answer: it depends on the acid. Glycolic is out. Lactic is in. Long answer? Glad you asked… What Is Lactic Acid And Why Should You Use It? Lactic acid is the gentlest member of the Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) family. Like all AHAs, it works by dissolving […]