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  • powder with spf and sun protection

    Is Silica in Skincare Dangerous?

    Word on the beauty streets is that silica in skincare is trying to kill you. Silica is the latest ingredient accused of giving you silicosis and all sorts of nasty diseases. Once the rumours start, everyone adds its fair share of gossip and side effects. We don’t do gossip here. We do science. And when […]


  • tea-lauryl sulfate

    Should You Avoid TEA-Lauryl Sulfate In Skincare?

    Should you avoid TEA-Lauryl Sulfate? It’s one of the most effective surfactants out there. Translation: it removes even the most stubborn of dirt and grime. But, it comes at a cost: it can dry out your skin (and scalp). So should you use it or ditch it with something gentler? Let’s find out: What Is […]


  • cyclomethicone in skincare

    Cyclomethicone: What Does It Do In Skincare?

    What does Cyclomethicone do in skincare? If you take a look at the back of your skincare products, you’ll find Cyclomethicone has slithered its way almost everywhere. Thank its texture for it. It gives it some unique properties that make it a pleasure for formulators to work with and for us to use. Here’s the […]


  • liz earle skin repair moisturiser normal combination review

    Is Fragrance In Skincare As Bad As Paula Begoun Says?

    I have a weird skincare rule: if it smells good, I don’t put it on my skin. No, I don’t like using products that stink (hello, Skinceuticals CE Ferulic!). And yes, I dig a beautiful fragrance as much as anyone else. But everything has its time and place. And your face isn’t the place for […]


  • parabens and formaldehyde controversy

    Do Parabens Release Formaldehyde?

    You know the whole “parabens are the devil” thing? It’s total nonsense. I’ve debunked it all here. But, there’s one thing I’ve forgotten to touch on. Formaldehyde. Parabens, those little preservatives that keep your cosmetics safe from germs and bacteria, are often accused of releasing this nasty stuff. Is that true or is it just another […]