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  • red dye 33

    Red 33: Is It Dangerous?

    Ever wondered why natural lipstick shades come only in boring nudes or unassuming pale pinks? It’s not lack of creativity. Or customer demand. It’s luck of dyes. There are some colours you simply can’t achieve with natural dyes. Red is the main one. Natural red dyes are usually too sheer, don’t adhere well to the […]


  • lead in lipstick

    What’s The Truth About Lead In Lipsticks?

    Say what?! There’s lead in my lipstick?! *throws them all away* Calm down, ladies! I know, the rumour is scary. Lead is no joke. It can do you some serious harm. But, no one is going around sprinkling your lipsticks with lead. Yet, somehow that sneaky little thingie manages to bypass security and slather its […]


  • bismuth oxychloride avoid

    Is Bismuth Oxychloride Really Natural And Should You Avoid It?

    Did you jump on the mineral makeup bandwagon only to see your face break out in a horrible rush? WTH? Wasn’t this stuff supposed to be safer? Not really. Dangerous stuff is lurking in there too. When it comes to mineral makeup, the culprit is usually Bismuth Oxychloride. What Is Bismuth Oxychloride? Bismuth Oxychloride is […]


  • drunk elephant beste no9 jelly cleanser

    Should You Avoid Products With Sulfates?

    Remember the good old days when shampoos actually cleaned hair? Now, they always seem to leave a slick of oil and a layer on buildup all over your locks. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. But, if you’re fellow oily-haired girl with a mane that pumps out grease like there’s no tomorrow, you know what […]


  • ingredients to avoid in nail polish

    Should You Avoid These 3 Common Nail Polish Ingredients?

    Have you noticed? These days you can’t buy a nail polish without someone telling you what’s NOT in it. “Buy me, I’m free fom Toluene!” “No, pick me!  I’m free from Toluene AND Formaldehyde”. It’s like a race. The brand that removes the most “nasties” wins. But are there any nasties in nail polish? Mmmm… […]


  • cult 51 immediate effect serum 01

    Silicones In Skincare: Are They Bad For Skin?

    Ah, silicones. No one wants them. But, when they aren’t there, everyone complains. Well, they don’t complain of a lack of silicones. They complain of thick pastes that spread like chalk or hair that refuses to be combed through. You know, all those things silicones are there to fix. Turns out, silicones are quite the […]