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  • if you can't pronounce it myth

    If You Can’t Pronounce It, Should You Put It On Your Skin?

    “If you can’t pronounce it, don’t put it on your skin.” Says everyone who showers with dihydrogen monoxide every single day. Dihydro… what?! Water. Dihydrogen monoxide is another name for water. If you’re so committed to not using things you can’t pronounce, you shouldn’t even wash your face. Do you see how absurd this thing […]


  • propylene glycol in skincare

    Is Propylene Glycol Dangerous?

    WTF?! There’s anti-freeze in my moisturizer?! Yep and you shouldn’t worry about it. No, I haven’t lost my marbles. Propylene Glycol is one of those fellas that sound scary as hell. But when you look at it through science’s eyes, it’s just a little misunderstood molecule that doesn’t do anyone any harm. Don’t take my […]


  • gold in skincare

    Gold In Skincare: Is It Worth Its Weight?

    Did you know Diane De Poitiers was 20 years older than her royal lover, King Henry II of France? Yet, they looked the SAME age. Her secret? Gold. Diane drank a cuppa every day. Gold is the same shiny colour as the sun and, like the sun, it was thought to give you life. Youth. […]


  • can you use your child's sunscreen

    Is Talc Dangerous?

    Growing up, talc was a staple in my house. My mum would dust the powder on me and my sister after a bath. I don’t think we liked it much because when we became old enough to have baths on our own, we stopped using it. But talc didn’t give up on me. It sneakily came […]


  • skinsense by abi cleeve

    Do Silicones Prevent Other Ingredients From Sinking Into The Skin?

    Question: what happens when you use a serum with silicones followed by a moisturiser? A. Your moisturiser become useless. It can’t penetrate the barrier silicones leave on your skin. B. Your moisturiser is a smart cookie and easily penetrates through everything. Silicones are no match for it. C. Your moisturiser slips through the cracks silicones […]


  • mineral oil myths debunked

    7 Skincare Ingredients With An Undeserved Bad Reputation

    WTH? Parabens will give me breast cancer? Propylene Glycol is an anti-freeze? Even talc isn’t safe anymore? What have I been doing to my children all this time?! *throws away all skincare products* I hear ya. Consulting Auntie Google to find out what’s lurking in your skincare products is scary. According to her, EVERYTHING will […]