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  • is alcohol in skincare bad

    Is Alcohol In Skincare As Bad As Paula Begoun Says?

    Is alcohol for skin, really? Whenever your skin feels tight and dry after using a new skincare product, it’s easy to jump to conclusions and blame it all on alcohol. This controversial ingredient is accused of every possible skin crime you can think of: šŸ‘‰ It terribly dries out and dehydrates skin. šŸ‘‰ It kills […]

  • propylene glycol in skincare

    Is Propylene Glycol Dangerous?

    WTF?! There’s anti-freeze in my moisturizer?! That’s the first thing that comes up when you Google Propylene Glycol. Other worrying results include “toxic”, “carcinogenic,” and “dangerous”. It’s enough to make you wanna toss any skincare products with Propylene Glycol in the bin and write a scathing letter to your congressman. And yet… Can you really […]

  • cbd oil skincare benefits

    CBD Oil: Can It Fight Both Acne And Wrinkles?

    Say what, there’s weed in my skincare?! Ever since the USA legalised the growth of cannabis as an “ordinary agriculture commodity” in 2018, CBD oil has invaded the aisles of all your fave beauty shops. I’m late to jump on the trend, I know. But I don’t do trends. I do science. For the past […]

  • Why Is There Snail Slime In My Skincare Products?!

    Say what?! There’s snail slime in my skincare products?! Eww! *throws them all away* Ok, not really. That was my first instinct. Because snail slime = gross. Who the heck wants to use it? Koreans. Of course. They’ve heard the Chilean farmers who grow snails for food have super smooth hands. Their cuts heal faster […]

  • cyberderm-every-morning-sun-whip-spf25

    Octinoxate In Sunscreen: Does It Really Cause Cancer?

    Another day, another UV filter that gets a bad rep. Seriously, if you were to believe the rumours going around about UV filters, you’d just skip sunscreen and call it a day. And then wonder why all of a sudden you have wrinkles creeping up on your face left, right and centre… You need sunscreen. […]