busted skincare myths

Learning how to take good care of our skin is hard enough. It gets even harder when we’re constantly bombarded by misleading advice and overblown marketing claims to make us splurge on products we don’t need and waste time with things that don’t work.

That’s why today we’re going to bust 4 of these common skincare myths. Ready? Here we go:

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Skincare Myth #1: Skincare products with collagen firm skin and fight wrinkles

If only it were that easy!

It’s true our skin needs collagen. It’s this protein that gives our skin its texture and structure, and keeps it firm and supple. But, like everything else, it depletes with age. After we turn 21, we lose 1% a year. And, the more you lose, the more easily wrinkles form.

So, it’s easy to assume that a cream with collagen can replenish the collagen that we have naturally lost. Sadly, it doesn’t work this way.

You see, for collagen to work this way, it’d have to penetrate deep into the skin. But, it can’t. Collagen is too big to penetrate the skin. It stays on the surface, where it hydrates skin.

So, it’s not useless. But not even the miracle worker it is claimed to be.

If you’re really interested in replenishing lost collagen, here are some better ways to do it.

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Skincare Myth #2: You need a separate eye cream

Don’t get me wrong. You do need a cream. It just doesn’t need to be labelled eye cream. Any cream, as long as it is well-formulated and fragrance-free, will do the trick.

You see, there aren’t special ingredients just for the eye area. The moisturizing ingredients, sunscreen actives, antioxidants, etc that are used in facial moistuirzers are used in eye creams as well. Check out the ingredients of your eye and face creams, if you don’t believe me. They’re the same?

So, why are you spending twice as much money for a much smaller pot (those eye creams are quite expensive!)?

Because the eye area is delicate and thinner? True, but anything that irritates it, would irritate the rest of your face, too.

Or maybe because the eye area has specific concerns, like dark circles and undereye bags? True again. But, have you ever found a skincare product that makes them disappear? Me neither. So, why are you buying them?

What the undereye area needs is exactly what the rest of your face needs: a moisturizing cream rich with antioxidants and no fragrance. So, just find a good moisturizer and apply it everywhere. It works like a charm, and saves you money, too.

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Skincare Myth #3: Drinking lots of water will keep skin hydrated

Water is pretty much the only thing I drink (that, and an orange juice or smoothie once in a while), and let me tell you, I still suffer from dry skin from time to time.

Fixing dry skin is not simply a matter of giving it more water. It’s a matter of helping skin retain water. Skin becomes dry when its protective barrier is damaged, allowing water to evaporate.

You could drink 20 glasses of water a day, but if you don’t repair this protective barrier, they won’t do nothing for you (they’ll just make you spend more time in the bathroom).

By all means, do drink water. Just don’t forget to apply an occlusive moisturizer to help skin retain moisture and stay hydrated.

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Skincare Myth #4: Skincare Products can eliminate cellulite, stretch marks, and wrinkles

We’re all looking for the magic potion that can get rid of all imperfections forever. But, if such a wonder existed, we’d know. We’d all rush to buy it, and no one would have cellulite, stretch marks, and wrinkles anymore.

Instead, we still have them, don’t we?

That’s not to say these products are completely useless. They often can improve the appearance of cellulite or wrinkles, so they look smaller. But, when their effects are over, the imperfections are still there, as big as before.

Some creams can also help prevent wrinkles. The very few that can get rid of them work extremely slowly, and they never eliminate them completely.

As for stretch marks, some creams can get rid of them, but only if they’re brand new.

So, don’t buy the hype. If something seems too good to be true, it usually doesn’t work.

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What other skincare myths would you like to bust?