• coffee ground scrub for cellulite

    Coffee Scrub For Cellulite: Does It Work?

    Coffee scrub for cellulite: does it work? Yes, I’ve tried it. I tried EVERYTHING. Heck, I’d have sold my kidney to get rid of my cellulite back in my teen years. Back then, my self-esteem was so low, I thought no man would love me if I didn’t get rid of it. It sounds crazy […]


  • caffeine in skincare

    Spotlight On: Caffeine

    I can’t think of anything better to wake you up in the morning than a good cup of coffee. But can it perk up your peepers and rid you of dark circles, too? The skincare world thinks so. If you’ve been skincare shopping lately, you’ve probably noticed caffeine is popping up in eye creams, antiaging […]


  • 4 Skincare Myths Busted!

    Learning how to take good care of our skin is hard enough. It gets even harder when we’re constantly bombarded by misleading advice and overblown marketing claims to make us splurge on products we don’t need and waste time with things that don’t work. That’s why today we’re going to bust 4 of these common […]


  • cellulite is normal - get over it

    Get Over It, Cellulite Is Normal!

    Summer is my favourite time of the year – and not just because I was born on a hot August day. I love the longer, hotter days lazily spent lying around on the beach or exploring a new park. The softer colours as nature blooms. The way life’s hectic pace slows down, shifting our focus […]