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  • chemical-free skincare myth

    Chemical-Free Skincare? There’s No Such Thing

    Are you on the hunt for chemical-free skincare products? I have bad news for you: there’s NO such thing. Huh? Let me explain… What YOU Think Chemical-Free Skincare Means I get it. You don’t want harsh chemicals in your skincare. Like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, a cleansing agent that’ll turn your skin drier than the Sahara. […]

  • use rosehip oil

    What’s The Best The Ordinary Oil For Your Skin Type?

    Do you ever feel like The Ordinary is trying to drive you crazy? It’s not enough they have a gazillion of exfoliants, vitamin C serums, and retinoid products to choose from. Now they’ve added 8 facial oils to the mix. How the heck are you supposed to know which is the best The Ordinary oil […]

  • where to buy natural skincare products

    The Best Places To Shop For Natural Skin Care Products

    Where the heck do you buy natural skin care products online? I’m talking about the real thing here. Not the synthetic stuff with a drop of green tea to make it look natural. That you can find everywhere. *sighs* Not that all synthetic stuff is all bad. But if you’ve chosen a more natural lifestyle, […]

  • inlight beauty face oil

    The Facial Oil That’s Helping Me Prep My Skin For Winter

    Can you believe it’s already sweater time here in London? Like, summer officially ended only a couple of days ago. Weren’t we supposed to get a transition period or something? Guess not. *sighs* This is my cue to add facials oils back into my skincare routine. The extra burst of moisture they give my skin […]

  • rhassoul clay in skincare

    Rhassoul Clay, Let Me Count The Ways I Love Thee

    For me, clay masks are a seasonal thing. I use them a lot in summer when my skin stubbornly insists on pumping out more oil than it needs (so annoying!). The last thing I wanna do is deal with pimples, so I soak up all that excess with a clay mask before it can do any […]