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  • connock london kukui oil soothing bath and shower oil

    Is Kukui Oil Good For Skin?

    I had never heard of kukui oil until Connock London Kukui Oil Soothing Bath & Shower Oil came into my life. I’m not exaggerating when I say it changed the way I shower. It cut my shower time in half, prevented burns (you need to live in the UK to understand how tricky it is to shower […]

  • chamomile flowers

    7 Natural Ingredients That Can Irritate Your Skin

    We waste so much time worrying about the wrong things. We scream like women possessed at the mere sight of a spider (or is that just me?) yet we don’t hesitate to jump into a car to go wherever – guess which one is more likely to kill you? We opt for fat-free foods and […]

  • evening primrose oil in skincare

    Evening Primrose Oil: Does It Help Skin?

    Using evening primrose oil to ease your PMS? Don’t bother. Science says it doesn’t work. Bummer, I know. But this oil is far from useless. It does wonders for your skin. Listen up (or read on… whatever…): What Is Evening Primrose Oil? Evening primrose (or oenothera biennia, to use its full scientific name) is a beautiful […]

  • sunflower oil

    Sunflower Oil For Skin: Benefits And Side Effects

    You know Italians are obsessed with olive oil, right? It’s our go-to oil for cooking. We drizzle it on salads and bruschettas, we use it to make pesto and pasta sauces and cook meat or fish with it.  We even put it on our skin when it’s dry. But when it comes  down to deep-frying, […]

  • jojoba uses diy beauty

    Jojoba Oil For Skin + Hair: 6 Ways To Use It

    How do you use Jojoba oil for skin? Jojoba oil is one of my fave oils for DIY beauty. The reason is simple: it’s almost identical to human sebum, our natural moisturiser. Your skin instantly recognises it, so it won’t trigger an irritating reaction or leave your forehead oilier than a frying pan. The best […]

  • liz earle skin repair moisturiser normal combination review

    Is Fragrance In Skincare As Bad As Paula Begoun Says?

    I have a weird skincare rule: if it smells good, I don’t put it on my skin. No, I don’t like using products that stink (hello, Skinceuticals CE Ferulic!). And yes, I dig a beautiful fragrance as much as anyone else. But everything has its time and place. And your face isn’t the place for […]