odylique creamy coconut cleanser

Will a coconut cleanser give me pimples?

This question kept going through my mind as I eyed my sample of Odylique Creamy Coconut Cleanser. I don’t even remember how I got hold of it. All I know is that I left it abandoned at the bottom of my skincare cabinet for months as I gathered enough courage to use it.

Because my scientific brain may well say that even the most comedogenic ingredients don’t give you pimples when you leave them on for a minute or so but the rest of me just keeps shouting: “Pimples alert! Why do you want to take the risk?!”

What can I say? I’m human. But I’m also a sciencey beauty blogger and have to walk my walk, don’t I? So I bit the bullet and gave Odylique Creamy Coconut Cleanser a try. Here’s what happened (hint: it’s NOT as bad as you think):

Key Ingredients In Odylique Creamy Coconut Cleanser

Coconut Oil

If we’re talking hair, I’ll sings the praises of coconut oil till I’m blue in the face. Out of all the oils, it’s the one that penetrates the hair shaft the deepest, moisturising and strengthening your locks from within. It’s literally a godsend.

But for skincare? Mmm… It’s incredibly moisturising for your skin, too. But, it comes at a cost. Pimples. This stuff clogs your pores like crazy.

FYI, just because an ingredient can clog your pores, it doesn’t mean it will. Comedogenic ingredients, like coconut oil, may be trouble for oily skin but dry skin can bathe in them without getting the tiniest pimple.

How long they stay on the skin matters, too. Oils are way more clogging when they stay on the skin for hours than when you rinse them down the drain within a couple of minutes.

I had to remind myself that when I first tried Odylique Creamy Coconut Cleanser. I wouldn’t use coconut oil as a face moisturiser but as a cleanser for my dry skin, it may just as well do the job.

Coconut oil works because like attracts like. This oil attracts the oils on your skin (think excess sebum, makeup and sunscreen) and melts them away down the drain.

If I had oily skin I’d still wouldn’t risk it (I’d go with a low pH foaming cleanser, instead) but for dry skin it works.

P.S. Olive oil, another of the main oils in this cleanser, work in the same way. But, it’s less comedogenic. 🙂

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Lemon & Eucalyptus Oils

The real problem with Odylique Creamy Coconut Cleanser?

Fragrant oils like lemon and eucalyptus. It’s no secret that the fragrant components that make these oils smell so good also irritate sensitive skin. 

Plus, it’s not like they do anything here. The cleanser has just a sprinkle of these oils, too little to brighten, fight wrinkles or do whatever it is they’re supposed to do.

They don’t even make the cleanser smell good. I can’t detect any citrusy or eucalyptus notes in the scent. This stuff smells coconutty (like it should…).

FYI, this cleanser didn’t irritate my skin. Mine is not that sensitive. But that’s not a good reason to add irritating ingredients to a skincare product – especially when they don’t have any real function in it! What’s the point?!

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Let’s Put It To The Test: Personal Use & Opinion

Odylique Creamy Coconut Cleanser has a creamy, slightly watery texture that spreads easily on the skin. I massage it all over my face (I use a separate makeup remover for my eyes) for a minute or so and then rinse it off with a cotton pad.

I find the cleanser does a great job at removing dirt and makeup. Keep in mind that we’re in the middle of a summer heatwave here so I’m keeping my makeup to a minimum most days. 🙂

It makes my skin so soft, too. After a cleanse, I don’t feel that tight, tell-tale feeling that the cleanser has stripped my skin naked and damaged it. It just feels clean and healthy – as it should.

The best part? It didn’t give me pimples. Not even during that time of the month. Phew!

The only thing I don’t like is the scent. I’m one of those weirdos who doesn’t care about the smell of coconuts…

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Have you tried Odylique Creamy Coconut Cleanser? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Ingredients: Aqua, Cocos nucifera oil, Olea europaea fruit oil, Rosa centifolia flower water, Glycerine, Cetearyl alcohol, Cetearyl glucoside, Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract, Citrus limon peel oil, Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, Salvia sclarea oil, Lactic acid, Sodium anisate, Sodium levulinate, Sodium lauroyl lactylate, Xanthan gum, limonene* (in the lemon oil)

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