the best glossier skincare products

Ever wonder what the best Glossier products are? I have a confession to make here… I just don’t find Glossier all that exciting. There, I said it. I know I should be all over it because, “Hello, cute pink packaging!” I’m a sucker for everything pink. Ask Mr BWB. Half the stuff in our house is pink. Even the garbage bin (yes, really. And no, he’s not too happy about it).

But this is my skin we’re talking about. Pink packaging cuts it only so far. I need products that get rid of my wrinkles, brighten my skin tone and keep dryness at bay, not just look good on my vanity. Know what I mean?

Glossier skincare is very basic. Nothing bad with that. Their target audience is millennials and they’re not exactly dealing with deep forehead wrinkles and dark spots, are they? I’m all for keeping it simple when you’re young. So if you don’t need much help in the skincare department and just want a quick skincare routine that keeps it looking its best, here are imo the best Glossier products for your skin:

About The Brand: Glossier

Founded in 2014 by Emily Weiss, the blogger behind Into The Gloss. Weiss believes that beauty shouldn’t be built in a boardroom. You, the customers, should be actively involved in the process. She prides herself in creating that you wish existed, but don’t yet. It soon achieved cult stat us thanks to its cool names and pink packaging. The brand has a minimalistic philosophy: sheer makeup to let the glow of your skin shine through. But, it can easily be too simplistic. Glossier has some great moisturising products, but if you’re looking for anti-aging or anti-acne serums, this isn’t the brand for you. Just saying.

What Are The Best Glossier Products?

Best For Cleansing: Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser ($18.00)

If you wear as much makeup as a Kardashian, Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser won’t cut it for you. It doesn’t remove makeup all that well (especially waterproof mascara). But it does make for an interesting morning cleanser. Its gelatinous texture glides on like velvet, without producing any foam. It removes dirt and impurities while moisturising your skin, leaving it soft and clean. That’s just what a cleanser is supposed to do.

Available at: Glossier

Active ingredients: PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Isohexadecane, and Poloxamer 184 (cleansing agents).

Benefits: Cleanses and softens skin.

Cons: Doesn’t remove makeup well.

Skin type: Dry and sensitive.

Fragrance-free: Yes.

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Best For Multi-Tasking: Glossier Super Pure ($28.00)

Glossier Super Pure is a basic niacinamide serum. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know niacinamide is one of the ingredients I can’t live without. It’s a multitasker that does everything: it hydrates skin, fights wrinkles, fades away dark spots, soothes irritations and rosacea, and treats acne. It doesn’t matter what skin type or skin concern you have, adding niacinamide to your skincare routine can only help. My only problem with Super Pure is that niacinamide plays alone. There’s nothing else worth mentioning in this formula.

Available at: Glossier

Active ingredients: 5% niacinamide.

Benefits: Hydrates, soothes, brightens, and helps treat acne.

Cons: Basic formula.

Skin type: All skin types.

Fragrance-free: Yes.

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Best For Hydration: Glossier Super Bounce ($28.00)

Glossier Super Bounce is a basic hyaluronic acid serum. Hyaluronic acid is a moisture magnet: it attracts water from the air and drops it into the skin, infusing it with a waterfall of moisture. It’s so powerful, it can literally hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. Hydrated skin = healthy skin. All that moisture plumps up your skin, makes it softer and gives it a lovely glow. Hyaluronic acid is a great way to hydrate oily skin without adding more oil and to give dry skin that hydration boost it badly needs. The only con? Like Super Pure, Super Bounce is very basic. Hydrating skin is all it does.

Available at: Glossier

Active ingredients: Hyaluronic acid.

Benefits: Hydrates and plumps up skin.

Cons: Doesn’t do anything extra.

Skin type: All skin types.

Fragrance-free: Yes.

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Best For Brightening: Glossier Solution Exfoliating Skin Perfector ($26.00)

Forget scrubs. This exfoliant uses a mix of acids to dissolve the glue that holds skin cells together and reveal the brighter and smoother skin underneath. Glycolic acid and lactic acid also have hydrating properties that make skin softer and smoother. Together, they brighten the complexion and fade away dark spots, too. This exfoliant also contains salicylic acid, a molecule that can unclog pores and treat blackheads and pimples. There’s only 0.5% here, so don’t expect this serum to do much for acne. If you have oily skin, there are better alternative for you. But dry skin will love this.

Available at: Glossier

Active ingredients: Glycolic acid and Lactic acid.

Benefits: Exfoliates and brightens skin.

Cons: Too little Salicylic acid to treat acne.

Skin type: Dry skin and anyone with dark spots.

Fragrance-free: Yes.

Best For Dry Skin: Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich ($35.00)

A rich, yet fast-absorbing cream to deeply nourish and moisturising even the driest of skin types. Hyaluronic acid adds a truckload of moisture to your skin (it can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water) while ceramides and natural oils create a barrier on the skin that keeps this extra moisture in and protects it from germs, pollution, and environmental aggressors. Glossier says it’s a day cream (it does make a good base for makeup), but you can also use it at night.

Available at: Glossier

Active ingredients: Hyaluronic acid and ceramides.

Benefits: Deeply moisturises skin.

Cons: May be too rich for some skin types.

Skin type: Dry skin.

Fragrance-free: Yes.

Best For Sun Protection: Glossier Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen ($25.00)

This chemical sunscreen has a lightweight texture that absorbs quickly on the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy, white mess like so many other sunscreens do. It provides broad spectrum protection against UV rays, helping to prevent premature wrinkles, saggy skin, dark spots, and even cancer. The silicone base smooths out imperfection and makes skin as soft as a baby’s. I just wish the bottle were bigger. You need to apply it generously, so it won’t last you too long.

Available at: Glossier

Active ingredients: 3% Avobenzone, 6% Homosalate, and 5% Octisalate.

Benefits: Provides broad spectrum protection.

Cons: If chemical filters irritate you, this isn’t for you.

Skin type: All skin types bar sensitive.

Fragrance-free: Technically yes. But it does contain a citrus oil that makes it smell good (but may irritate sensitive skin).

Best For A Pick-Me-Up: Glossier Moisturising Moon Mask ($24.00)

Got a special occasion coming up and want your skin to look its absolute best? This mask uses urea, one of the most hydrating ingredients on the planet. It inundates your skin with moisture to make it plumper and softer. Plus, it has exfoliating properties that smoothens out imperfections. It’s also loaded with moisturising oils and shea butter that deeply moisturise skin. Moisture is the secret of Korean dewy skin. When skin has all the moisture it has, wrinkles look smaller. The complexion looks brighter. Your skin looks like it just had a makeover. Use it a couple of nights a week (or as needed) after cleansing.

Available at: Glossier

Active ingredients: Urea, shea butter, and natural oils.

Benefits: Deeply moisturises and plumps up skin.

Cons: Doesn’t contain antioxidants.

Skin type: Dry skin.

Fragrance-free: Yes.

What Are The Best Glossier Products For Wrinkles?

  • Glossier Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen ($25.00): This lightweight chemical sunscreen provides broad spectrum protection without leaving a white cast behind to prevent wrinkles. Available at Glossier.

What Are The Best Glossier Products For Acne?

  • Glossier Super Pure ($28.00): Niacinamide is a powerful active that reduces acne and the dark spots that pimples sometimes leave behind. Available at Glossier.

What Are The Best Glossier Products For Dark Spots?

  • Glossier Super Pure ($28.00): Niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B3, can brighten skin and fade away dark spots. While it’s at it, it also minimises wrinkles, hydrates skin, and reduces acne. Available at Glossier.

What Are The Best Glossier Products For Sensitive Skin?

  • Glossier Super Pure ($28.00): Niacinamide treats acne, fades away dark spots, minimises wrinkles, and soothes irritations. It’s an active that even sensitive skin can use to fix any skin woe it’s experiencing. Available at Glossier.

Is Glossier Cruelty-Free?

Yes, Glossier is cruelty-free. The brand doesn’t test on animals, not even through third parties, and doesn’t sell in countries that require animal testing either.

The Pros Of Glossier Skincare

Glossier could easily be a Korean brand. I’m not kidding. Like Korean skincare, their main focus is hydration, hydration, hydration. Their products are super moisturising, delivering an intense burst of hydration to your skin. When skin has all the moisture it needs, it looks naturally younger. Moisture plumps up your skin, so fine lines and wrinkles look smaller. It makes the complexion softer to the touch. And it gives it a dewy glow. All this, without breaking the bank. Their prices are affordable and the packaging super cute.

What Are The Cons Of Glossier Skincare?

If you’re looking for products that can fight wrinkles or acne, Glossier is not for you. Their focus is strictly on moisture. You won’t find Vitamin C, retinol (not in their pure – and most effective – form anyway) or other powerful antioxidants that can keep wrinkles at bay. Popular anti-acne actives are missing from the line as well. It’s a great line for moisturisers, but if you have other skin concerns, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

The Verdict

Glossier is a skincare brand loved by millennials for its super moisturising products in cute bottles and tubes. They’re great for adding extra hydration to your skin, but they can’t tackle wrinkles and acne.