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  • fitspo is unhealthy 01

    5 Reasons Why Fitspo Is Unhealthy

    I spend way too much time on Pinterest. It’s a great resource for inspiration about.. everything. Whether you want to redecorate your bedroom, style that new yellow crop sweater, or discover new workouts, Pinterest has got you covered. Talking about workouts, you can’t scroll through Pinterest without coming across Fitspo (fitness inspiration). You know what […]

  • tan isn't worth dying for 01

    A Tan Isn’t Worth Dying For

    Summer is fast approaching, and I can’t wait. I love the hot and sunny weather. The cute skimpy clothes. Eating ice cream without shivering… But there’s one thing that I really can’t stand about summer: having to justify my lack of tan. When you live in a coastal town, having a tan is the done […]

  • women's magazines

    How Going On A Media Fast Helped My Self-Esteem

    I started hating my body when I was 14. Until then, I hadn’t paid much attention to my body. There were no magazines that told me my thighs were too big and my boobs not perky enough. There was no internet teaching me to compare my body to a skinny model and humiliate me for […]

  • why the idea of a bikini body is ridiculous

    Why The Whole Concept Of Bikini Body Is Ridiculous

    It started again. Every spring, the media is starting to bombard us with tips and tricks on how to achieve that perfect bikini body for the summer holidays. And it infuriates me… The whole idea of a bikini body is bullshit. Here’s why: You Already Have A Bikini Body The concept of “bikini body” implies […]

  • skinny doesn't equal beautiful

    Being Skinny Doesn’t Mean Being Beautiful

    EDIT: 07/09/2014 I want to point out that I’m attacking the belief that we should be thin to the point of anorexia to be considered worthwhile individuals, not women who are naturally skinny. All body types are beautiful. Trying to change them to comform to someone else’s ideal of beauty isn’t. Can you be beautiful […]

  • build self-esteem

    6 Tips To Build Self-Esteem So You Can Achieve Anything You Want

    Self–esteem. A confidence and satisfaction in oneself. Self-esteem makes you unstoppable. When you believe in yourself and know what you’re capable of, you have the confidence to try new things and accomplish whatever you set your mind to. The catch? Self-esteem is not something that just happens or that you’re born with. You have to […]